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Scality company logo full colorMarch 17th – Beyond Scality and SGI oem agreement for the RING sold as SGI OmniStor, SGI wished to validate and integrate the RING with SGI DMF. Data Migration Facility, the famous SGI solution, largely deployed and adopted in technical computing environment is a well known and recognized product. Considering the RING, one of the leading massively scalable storage platform in the industry, based on object storage technologies is an obvious choice for SGI. How data manager could deal with the real data deluge they live every day?

This integration is a joint development between Scality and SGI to leverage the Scality object API within DMF to boost data transfer from primary storage cluster such as compute clusters. This new support for SGI DMF is available for DMF as an independent software but also for the SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact SGI or Scality sales force.

Philippe Nicolas, Product Strategy (pn@scality.com)

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