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The Scality Technical Certification Program empowers Scality Channel Partners to unlock the value of the Scality RING for their customers and end-users

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The Scality Technical Certification Program is a certification framework to provide our partners with the foundation and education necessary to install, configure, and manage the Scality RING software-defined storage platform, as well as increase customer satisfaction through tailored and personalized support.


The Scality Technical Certification Program helps partners to generate more revenue by enabling them to:

  • Increase service offerings, including Scality services, to end customers
  • Sell more, by reducing the sales cycle time and integrating the Scality solution into wider projects
  • Provide a single point of accountability for end customers to increase satisfaction


The Scality Technical Certification Program is a 3-day, hands-on RING certification training that will enable Certified RING Engineers to demonstrate technical skills and expertise inside customers’ environments including:

  • A deep understanding of the hardware and OS requirements necessary to install the RING
  • The ability to install the RING
  • The capabilities to test the RING installation
  • A high-level understanding of RING operations
  • The ability to triage RING support requests

““The Scality Technical Certification Program will enable the 2CRSI Storage Team to provide customers with our optimized, tailor-made and turn-key Scality RING server solution with personalized support adapted to meet their needs.””

Adrien BADINA Research Engineer at 2CRSI

Training Environment

Trainings are held onsite at your facility, or at a location of your choice; for your convenience. Only 4 participants attend each training session, ensuring that attendees are given direct access to the instructor and receive as much attention as they require.

Training Prerequisites:

In order to qualify to attend the Scality Technical Certification Program, candidates should have working knowledge of:

  • Linux (LFCE or LPIC-3 or equivalent)
  • Networking concepts (LAN, WAN)
  • Storage concepts (SAN, NAS, Object storage & Software-defined Storage)
  • Data transfer/access protocols (SMB, NSF, Fuse, REST)

Training Certification and Post-Certification Support

Certification is delivered at the end of the training, following instruction and review of the installation process and verification of a successful RING installation. After completion of the training, Certified RING Engineers will have access to the Scality documentation library, receive support from Scality Partners, and will have premier access to new releases and product information.


The Scality Training Certification Program teaches participants about Scality’s RING Delivery Workflow, the same method for delivery that Scality’s engineering team has developed from years of installation experience, lessons learned, and best practices. The Ring Delivery Workflow leverages the RASCI (Responsible, Accountable, Supportive, Consulting, and Informative) method for delivery, ensuring smooth and successful RING deployments at customer datacenters by Certified RING Engineers.

The RING Delivery Workflow allows for proper structure to ensure a standard based process that guarantees: 1) simple integration into partner workflows, 2) clear accountability and repeatability, and 3) the ability to transfer additional parts of the delivery process by partners with the necessary experience.


As part of the Scality Training Certification Program, Certified RING Engineers will have access to a rich set of product documentation, a dedicated Scality support team, an advanced ticketing system, and support communication tools.


When problems arise from the end-users or customers, the first line of defense is to refer to the documentation resources available. If additional support is necessary, the dedicated Scality support team can be reached through support communication tools, 24/7, including: instant messaging (IM), email, or phone. Support requests are placed into the advanced ticketing system where they are prioritized and triaged, to ensure a speedy and efficient resolution.


Certified RING Engineers will have access to the Scality Training Certification Program Documentation Library and Software Repository.

Scality Training Certification Program Documentation Library:
An online, wiki-based resource, moderated and maintained by Scality containing installation manuals, user guides, release notes, FAQs, and more. Certified RING Engineers can join as community members to contribute.

Scality Software Repository:
A software repository containing premier access to new releases, for Certified RING Engineers, as well as access to stable releases and betas.


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