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Two weeks ago, we announced that there would be regular technical tutorials coming up to leverage the use cases of our open-source Scality S3 Server. We started with explaining how to set up SSL, a protocol that enhances security when communicating with Scality S3 Server.

Today, we want to help you use Duplicity, an open-source tool, with Scality S3 Server, in order to save backup space in your storage. Duplicity allows you to backup a compressed version of your files (a tarball), which is the first way it saves you disk space. The second way appears when you want to update your backup: Duplicity stores a compressed version of the changes, and that’s it. It doesn’t store the new file and delete the old one, which would take forever, nor does it keep both files, which would take too much space. Duplicity does smart updates, and it compresses them to take as little space as it can.

Want more? You can restore any file from any backup or update. Yup, you read right: your smart frugal backup also does amazing versioning.

So, when do you get started?

Read Duplicity Tutorial

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