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When Scality chooses to open source a project, it goes all the way: the open source S3 Server provides you with a fully equipped container to run your own private S3 storage. For free. No questions asked, no expectations from us. We’re simply sharing our efforts to make the storage world a better place with a larger audience.

And it’s a success: in 8 months, Scality S3 Server was downloaded over 100K times!

Today, numbers indicate we have a fairly large community of individual users who know about us, and who use our open-source Scality S3 Server. But we have little idea what they do with it. And our intuition tells us they could be doing even more than they already are if we helped them a little more.

With this in mind, we decided to launch a series of technical articles. Starting today, we will regularly publish content helping newbies, developers, smaller companies, and curious wanderers alike to realize the potential of Scality S3 Server by showing them how to use it in combination with other products, or how to fine tune it to their needs.

The first article of this series is about using SSL with Scality S3 Server. With this, we allow users to run Scality S3 Server with services that require SSL certificates (any secure service that uses “https” does, so pretty much any service these days does).

We look forward to your feedback, and expect to publish regular technical tutorials in the coming months. Stay tuned for duplicity and s3fs tutorials (allowing you to do incremental backups to S3 for the first one, and to view your S3 bucket as a filesystem for the second one), and many more!

Scality S3 Server with SSL

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