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April 7th – Scality selects Aspera, the market leader for large file transfer, the reference in Media and Entertainment market. Certified on the RING platform at the file level on connector nodes, Aspera fasp engines leverage the parallelism of the architecture to deliver really high transfer rates. Multiple deployment examples can coexist:

  • Scality at the source and destination,
  • Scality to/from any site with Aspera running (an other file server or NAS, an Amazon Aspera EC2 instance)

Scality Aspera Blog

With this validation, users who already uses Aspera can now select and deploy the RING at the source or destination of the workflow. For Scality users, they have the capability to couple Aspera engine on top of the RING, without any changes to the infrastructure. The integration is fast and easy working at the file level, right after the Aspera installation, you can transfer files at wire speed. This new offering solidifies Scality’s positions in the Media market and offers some new opportunities for users and partners.

Philippe Nicolas, Product Strategy (pn@scality.com)


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