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Scality and HP have teamed together to offer a single massive-scale storage platform for multiple applications and workloads. This software-defined storage platform was designed for multi-application environments with mixed-workload performance requirements at petabyte scale. The platform combines the power and flexibility of HP ProLiant servers with the scalability, availability, and performance of the Scality RING software. This provides an enterprise-class storage solution that can handle the coming onslaught of Big Data.

The Scality RING: Multi-workload, scalable, and resilient software-based storage

The Scality RING collapses traditional object storage and NAS to address storage workloads that do not require expensive flash-based SAN, including file, object, and virtual machine (VM) workloads.

The RING scales out linearly, as a single distributed, protected system across multiple active sites, thousands of servers, sizing beyond petabytes, and billions of objects. Powered by a rich choice of protocols and interfaces – plus a wide range of data protection schemes – Scality RING provides high throughput and IOPS performance. The software enables continuous uptime through hardware failures, capacity expansions, software upgrades, and hardware generations.

The RING comes as a pure software distribution, deployable on HP ProLiant servers. The RING features three main components: storage nodes, connector nodes, and a management console. Several connectors are available, each addressing specific application storage interface needs. A multi-geo RING to support geo-redundancy between data centers is also available.

HP ProLiant: A flexible, powerful, and easily configurable hardware platform for the Scality RING

The HP ProLiant SL4540 Gen8 Server is purpose-built for Big Data. As the storage node for the Scality RING, its highly efficient, converged design delivers the right balance of capacity and performance. This design also provides increased storage density at a low cost, with the reliability and manageability you demand. Flexible compute and storage capacity let you select the optimal configuration to match the compute-to-storage ratio that best satisfies your data access needs.

Delivering management and connector functionality for the solution, the ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server is a space-conscious, two-processor server with industry-leading feature sets. This server is built to protect your investment with reliability, accessibility and serviceability features. To support the management and access features of SDS, and seamlessly operate as part of your converged infrastructure, the HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server brings the power, density, and performance you need.

The RING turns HP ProLiant servers into petabyte-scale, enterprise-class storage for file, object, and VM-based applications. Together, they provide a solution with the performance, robustness, and resilience required to meet the vast majority of enterprise workload requirements. Scality RING abstracts logical storage from physical resources such as disk, simplifying the administration of petabyte-scale storage and allowing you to leverage hardware innovations as soon as they are released. Scality’s software-only approach allows the application to programmatically reconfigure the storage infrastructure, to deliver multi-tenant, multi-application, and multi-workload storage.

Key solution features and benefits

Hardware-agnostic, runs on any HP ProLiant server

Scality RING is a software-only solution, designed for industry standard servers with support for solid state drive (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs). Although the Scality RING software is fully hardware-agnostic, HP and Scality have qualified on select HP ProLiant servers.

You can rapidly adopt new hardware and media innovations, with no need for data migration on hardware refresh. Support is simpler and deployments are highly adaptable. Overall, this significantly reduces acquisition and operating costs and increases project flexibility.

Supports mixed applications and workloads

Scality has the performance and low latency to address mixed storage workloads across small and large files, high bandwidth, and IOPS, in one single multi-application environment that encompasses file, object, and VM-based applications. This enables data consolidation in order to increase utilization and economies of scale, while eliminating storage silos.

You can reduce time to market by integrating existing applications using standard protocols and rich API’s and can simply add more applications in the future.

Continuous uptime during hardware failures and maintenance

The Scality RING maintains availability through hardware failures, capacity expansions, software upgrades, and hardware generations, with minimal intervention. This enables carrier-grade service levels and improved user satisfaction.

HP Scality RING customers enjoy class-leading data protection, system resiliency, and ease of administration thanks to intelligent data management, including geo-replication and storage tiering. The multi-tenant platform based on Scality RING collapses traditional storage tiers into a single, simple to manage storage pool.

Scales to petabytes and beyond

A RING storage infrastructure scales out linearly and limitlessly as a single system across multiple active sites, thousands of servers, hundreds of petabytes, and unlimited objects without adding administrators or additional disparate components. This enables massive consolidation and significantly reduces operating costs.

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