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Michele Lynch: On a Quest for Knowledge and New Heights

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Michele Lynch, Scality EMEA Alliances Sales Director

One thing’s for sure: If you sit down for a conversation with Michele Lynch, EMEA Alliances Sales Director, you won’t be bored! In her work, activities, and interests, she’s not unlike an electron, seemingly everywhere at once and possessing a multifaceted nature. Besides her frequent international business trips, her collaboration with Cisco involves constant network expansion, working to support Cisco’s short and long-term goals, aligning her strategies with the aims of the EMEA sales team, training Cisco employees, and facilitating engagement between Cisco’s and Scality’s sales teams.

On the one hand, Michele has a quintessentially entrepreneurial mind, as is reflected by her long career in sales and marketing. In explaining her lifelong interest in business, she says, “I find it fascinating how people take products to market and how organizations can transition themselves. The most successful organizations are also always evolving, and I find that really quite interesting, as to how they execute it, because I’m quite interested in process.

Even as a young girl, Michele’s business nature was apparent to others. “One of the things my mother said when I was quite young was that I’ve got the innate ability to look at something and figure out how you can make money out of it,” she laughs. And she acted on these instincts early, creating membership clubs with her friends in which she would make and sell badges.  “I went to the full extent on this,” she reminisces. “You would have a badge, you would have a booklet, we would do specific tasks, so it was quite well thought through.

At the same time, Michele is naturally creative in her approach to all things, whether this involves problem-solving, illustrating presentations with eye-catching diagrams and visuals, or coming up with fun and quirky ways to promote Scality’s products. Michelle Rockler, VP of Strategic Alliances, remarks, “Michele is creative in everything, from how she tackles a problem and connects the dots in new ways to her colorful way of speaking and writing.” For Michele, creativity is an essential part of the job. “It’s a big plus because what we sell isn’t that sexy,” she admits. To compensate, she explores inventive ways to meet customer needs, design impactful training and offer innovative incentives.

Finding creative solutions requires a birds-eye view, which Michele attains by constantly building her knowledge. “Michele really does her homework,” Michelle emphasizes. “She does a lot of research in order to understand her partnership. She’s able to build a more solid story and really understand her audience and her partner.” Besides dedicating time to understanding Cisco’s constituents, Michele makes a point of understanding their products. “When I do have some down time, I spend time learning about my customers’ technology. I need to understand what they’re doing in order to map what we do into that, and then to make it part of the message.” Thanks to this detailed understanding and her sales operations experience, Michele also has a lot to contribute on the numbers side. “Michele loves to build sales tools, which have brought about much-needed simplification and efficiency,” Michelle enthuses.

Michele’s love of knowledge extends far beyond her professional life. Topics that she’s passionate about include technology, naturopathy, inter-plant communication, astrophysics, quantum computing, the future of humanity…in short, the planet, the universe, and our place in both. “It’s that quest for knowledge that keeps me interested,” she confides.

As someone who embraces natural well-being, she is an enthusiastic practitioner of tai chi, yoga, and aromatherapy, besides which she is also a certified reiki master. And what else? “I’ve got a professional dress-making qualification. I do make my own clothes sometimes.” And from time to time, Michele fearlessly engages with earth and sky through mountaineering and sky diving. About the former, she says, “You’ve got the sense of achievement of getting to the top of a hill, and you get up there and it’s just so beautiful and so quiet and so serene.” Considering how much time she has spent at great heights, is it any surprise that one of Michele’s mottos is, “The sun always shines above the clouds”?

When Michele isn’t out and about, scaling mountains and jumping from planes, she’s at home in her country cottage near Reading, England, spending time with her boyfriend and her two cats, Richard Parker (“He’s the chatty one. He likes to tell us about his day when he arrives home.”) and Smeagle Dexter (“A real hunter with catitude”)…and sometimes, mulling over the nature of reality. “Who knows? We could be just one big experiment,” she jokes. “We could be in somebody else’s computer game! We don’t even know.”

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