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For the first time, Scality is participating in “La Course du Cœur 2017,” a major competition, with a team of 18 people including 14 runners.

The idea originated from the desire of Scality runners to show their solidarity with one of Scality ‘s employees following her return from a 6-month fight against a rare form of leukemia and to send a clear message about Scality’s commitment towards healthcare and supporting others through organ donation. This commitment is supported by Scality management, which gives the team strong financial, logistical and marketing support.

The Course du Coeur lasts four days and four nights and covers 750km. Runners are active day and night, whether on foot, bicycle or roller blades. Read about the team’s adventure!

Scality Rocks la CDC—Day 2: Fast track, saucisson, massages and POs

Thursday was quite a day.  It started with the Fast track team, Erwan and Nicolas, on the bike and run race. Car J was waiting to follow the race when a lone rider appeared, far in front of the others, but soon thereafter another lone rider appeared, running like he was on fire.  2nd place!  All he could say was, “Where’s Nico?”  Finally, Nico arrived at the back and they switched back and forth until they ran and biked hand in hand across the finish line. Lost the 2nd place but did very, very well!

Antoine, Christian and Yannick took over with a run with a liver transplanted runner, Victor, well advanced in age.

Then it was on to our heavyweights, Niels and Nigel, and if you know Nigel, you will not be surprised to know we were penalized because he was too light! Other teams were penalized more, and we had a fine showing. They finished the race less heavyweight than they started!

Course du Coeur day 2 Team Scality handing off the bicycle

              The handoff… keep going!

Yannick and Jean-Baptiste had the next stage—a “lazy” downhill slog.  Lots of kilometers on this leg and JB was hoping for the unicorn we’ve all been looking for.

We enjoyed the local saucisson offered at the beginning of the next stage, and we can highly recommend the Chorizo in Hameau de Val Profonde.  This was a special stop. We took pics with the Gendarms and the volunteers and we chatted with other teams.  Maxime shared his anti-friction creme with an SAP runner and they are now fast friends. The first runner on Yannick and J-B’s race arrived without even breaking a sweat, 10 minutes before everyone else; it takes all kinds to make a world.

Maxime packed away another 18.8km as darkness fell.  He fell in stride with 5 other runners including “Mr SAP.” They shared water bottles and stories (on the descents). Five of them arrived together at the finish line, a crazy descent in cobblestone streets in the medival city of Joigny. Another top 10 finish.

The team met up for dinner and massages.  Everyone has fallen in love with the physical therapists at each stop who massage away the pain of the miles.

Olympe Tartaret running the Course du Coeur for Scality RUNS

                    Olympe on Day 2.

Off to bed!  We passed the baton to team B with 4 big solo runs through the night for Antoine, Geraldine, Olympe and Juan.  Christian, feeling unwell, stayed behind for a rest, hoping he gets back on track for Day 3! A beautiful night which saw some extremely good performances, including one by a struggling Geraldine who was joined by Frank, Antoine and Roxanne for moral support towards the end of her race. Sorry Emilio she had to take a break from POs for a while but she is back in working order now. Juan ended the night shift with a beautiful sunrise and a long 19k run.

All in all a great day of fun, physical performance, camaraderie and emotions! On to Erwan and Morgan for the start of Day 3 on a bike and bike race.

Stay tuned for our future updates! 

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