Scality Conversations – Ep. 2 – Data Centers at Petabyte Scale


A lot has changed in the last five years. Ten years ago is practically several generations in IT terms. What you thought you knew about infrastructure, “-ilities” like availability, IT ownership, and data centers is probably off, sometimes by orders of magnitude.

With a landscape of new programming models, software-defined abstraction, cloud computing, and more, join Mark Thiele, EVP at SuperNAP and Leo Leung, VP of Corporate Marketing at Scality, as we discuss the current patterns impacting Enterprise and Service Provider IT.

This Scality Conversation will have two parts:

1) A quick overview of Scality RING storage and what it can do for your business.
2) An open discussion with Mark Thiele. Among our topics:

• Don’t make assumptions about IT
• What does IT ownership mean today?
• What are the new (and not so new) expectations of infrastructure?
• What does availability and resiliency look like today versus yesterday?
• How is running a data center different today versus even a few years ago?
• It’s all about choice; learn how to build a future-proof IT strategy.

Scality Conversations will be hosted by Leo Leung, VP of Corporate Marketing.

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