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For the first time, Scality is participating in “La Course du Cœur 2017,” a major competition, with a team of 18 people including 14 runners.

The idea originated from the desire of Scality runners to show their solidarity with one of Scality ‘s employees following her return from a 6-month fight against a rare form of leukemia and to send a clear message about Scality’s commitment towards healthcare and supporting others through organ donation. This commitment is supported by Scality management, which gives the team strong financial, logistical and marketing support.

The Course du Coeur lasts four days and four nights and covers 750km. Runners are active day and night, whether on foot, bicycle or roller blades. Read about the team’s adventure!

Scality Rocks la CDC—Day 4: Father Christmas and a long something

Day 4 of the Course du Coeur was rather an eventful day. It started off with Juan taking part in a casual 6km fancy dress run finishing in the little village of Bolozon. The 88 habitants of the village probably had a slight choc seeing the 120+ vans of the race and and 400+ runners, drivers, organisers, medics etc… invading their land but they certainly hosted a party to remember!

Indeed, it was in Bolozon that the singing and dress up competition took place, each team expected to come up with a remake of a well-known song to raise awareness on organ donation. Scality had opted for a remake of a song by Laurent Voulzy which went something like:

Everybody’s running a heartfelt race now
Come on doctor do the transplantation
I know you’ll get to like it if you give it a chance now
Come on baby do the race of the heart


Team Scality presenting their song for Course du Coeur

Team Scality performing their song


We were all wearing bright purple Father Christmas outfits that were burrowed from the Laurette Fugain association. One must admit that we may have underestimated the effort each team would put into this challenge as some teams went completely crazy with this. One team organized an entire wedding whilst another launched 300 red heart-shaped balloons in the sky! A couple of hot chocolates mixed with local saucisson and Erwan was off for a 26km bike and run stage which took him through hills and valleys, rain and drought, sweat and tears (ok I’m getting carried away!).

A long lunch stop later, with a bit of sunshine which was ideal for a power nap, it was on to Geraldine for a 16km run for the “Qui pique au début” race meaning: You are in the s*** people! Did you know that Géraldine ran 60km in less than 48hrs whilst finishing her POs on time?! I think we have Superwoman in disguise with us at Scality!

After Superwoman it was on to Morgan the gold runner to go for his 13,5km stage. And guess what? Morgan left all of his competitors on the spot and won the race with 3’ difference with the second runners, even the Police van that opens the road couldn’t keep up with him, he was on fire!

Then it was on to Nicolas for the “Pas la grimpeuse mais Presque” basically “just go uphill, ok?” and Olympe for the ladies 10km race. Both did extremely well and arrived in the top 10. Finally a lucky Christian ran a 10km stage instead of the 18km planned. The race was shortened to catch up on schedule for what was going to be the race to remember!

The marathon du crepuscule started at 6.45pm and Simmoni who just joined the groupe was thrown right into action, having to copilot for this hectic race! Remember yesterday’s relay? Well try the same but with 6 runners at only one time in the car for 40km with a switch of 4 of the runners half way through. Now add the rain, the slopes, the adrenaline, the chaos of overtaking on very very narrow mountain roads and you might start to get a feel for what was going on. The smell of the clutch was so intense it nearly made us want to throw away! We may nearly have gotten a penalty on this race for not following the rules at one point but a couple of smiles to the race director later and all was back in order. On we went for dinner and a last night (well a couple of hours rest) before the last and final day of the Course du Coeur and the climb to Les Arcs.

Antoine, Geraldine, Erwan and Morgan were not so lucky though as they were again on duty for a night’s shift, driven by Claire, who joined the group.The team with heart displaying their camaraderie and spirit

A night full of excitement, with wrong directions given by the Organization of the race, and Morgan obliged to turn round and climb an extra 5 km !! This was followed by a set of relays and marathons one after the other, in very tough conditions. The team has rocked all along the way, surpassing their limits with a strong sense of camaraderie.

Stay tuned for our future updates! 

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