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IDC validates the business value of Scality

Access the IDC Business Value Paper

Does this IT leader's to-do list sound familiar? 

  • Actively prepare for and accommodate growing storage needs for unstructured data
  • Enable the transformational move from on-premises storage to cloud storage
  • Leverage advanced business analytics capabilities
  • Find an infinitely scalable solution that offers enhanced security, reliability, resiliency and lower TCO

If so, you'll want to see the results of IDC's latest research.

In-depth interviews were conducted with nine geographically-distributed Scality customers regarding their experience using RING. 

Download the IDC Business Value paper to learn about the real-world results they're achieving by:

  • Having more readily available storage capacity at their disposal
  • Building lower-cost and more efficient IT infrastructure
  • Enabling easier overall management of rapidly growing data sets

Key Scality customer results validated by IDC

59% reduced total cost of operations
366% five-year ROI
31% more efficient IT storage infrastructure staff
53% faster IT agility to deploy new storage
19% more productive analytics teams
34% more productive end users
  • “With Scality, we can meet customer demand and be able to offer larger-scale solutions for new customers. The business can scale as well as the storage. It could open up newer application areas like analytics.”

    Scality customer interviewed by IDC