Content and collaboration

Simplified data management at cloud-scale for content-rich apps

Content and Collaboration

Harness the value of large-scale unstructured data with file and object storage in a single platform

Do you deploy applications that create high volumes of user-accessed data, such as content management systems (CMS), webmail, CCTV/surveillance video, or remote office /branch office (ROBO) file services? If so, your legacy storage solution may be holding you back.

Data storage challenges for content-rich apps start with sufficient capacity and performance to grow to petabyte-scale. But they don't end there. Traditional solutions are cost-prohibitive and fall short when it comes to long-term data protection, preservation, and availability.

Scality’s flexible on-premises, cloud-like storage solution is ideal for content-rich applications. The ability to scale out capacity and performance for both file and object storage in a single platform offers a unique advantage. Scality simplifies management at hyperscale, reducing silos and lowering TCO by 60% or more.

  • “We consider software-defined storage to be critical to our strategy for its growth potential, data center efficiency, and efficient — and flexible — use of assets.”

    Dan Shain, Director, R&D, Rackspace

Did you know?

Scale in capacity & performance without sacrificing long-term data integrity

  • Broad application and user support

    Open access (file & object storage) for a wide variety of content apps with S3, NFS, SMB in a single system
  • Ultra-reliability for long-term data preservation

    Erasure coding, replication, self-healing, and S3 immutability keep data safe and intact
  • Flexibility without limitations

    Cloud-style agility allows for independent scaling of performance and capacity
  • Always-on infrastructure

    Provide uninterrupted 24x7 service to millions of users

With Scality your business gains

  • Simplified management at low TCO

    Reduces TCO 60% or more by eliminating multiple NAS and object storage silos
  • Easy regulatory compliance

    RING's certification as SEC 17a-4 compliant helps highly-regulated industries and use cases comply with confidence
  • Proven technology

    Successfully deployed at hyperscale — millions of users, petabytes of data, hundreds of billions of objects in a single RING
  • 100% uptime SLA

    Zero downtime during upgrades, migrations, failures, or expansions
  • “Our data is protected by the RING software and completely unconstrained by hardware, so it has been a simple matter of adding and removing servers. We have faced zero risk of interrupting or impairing service, and our customer satisfaction has never once been compromised.


    I think every company with a requirement for deploying or hosting services that require mass data storage can benefit from the Scality RING solution.”

    Nick De Jonghe, Manager, Network Strategy & Architecture, Telenet

Maximize the value of your data with world-class content and collaboration application partners

Scality integrates with the most respected content and collaboration providers and solutions. Explore our partner ecosystem.

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  • Irish Prison Service

    Multi-petabytes of storage to help ensure the safety and security of inmates and staff
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    Scality RING safeguards 24+ billion unique objects for 4.9+ million email subscribers (and counting)
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