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Accelerate data insights. Boost performance. Eliminate downtime.

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Whatever your big data or analytics challenges, Scality is here to help

Big data challenges come with extraordinary opportunities if you can keep up with rapid data growth and demands for faster data access. And let’s not forget the need to support a wide range of formats and applications like AI/ML. 

Data-rich companies—small and large—use Scality's secure, S3-compatible file and object storage software to power research, genomics sequencing, security log analysis, financial services and more.

IT pros who work with Scality are empowered to optimize the fastest growing type of data—unstructured data—in a secure on-premises, cloud-like environment. The insights obtained from large-scale data managed with Scality inspire informed business decisions and new innovations.

The cost savings and security improvements with on-premises object storage for large-scale data stores are proven. It’s why IT leaders responsible for the largest data pools in the world trust Scality to collect, manage, store and distribute their data.

  • “It’s not just about buying a kit or services… [The insights Scality] delivers are opening doors to other divisions in our organization. Scality has engaged with us, becoming a partner to understand our future needs.”

    Alex Farr, IT Director, Transport Systems Catapult
  • “We’re not only realizing time savings for customer support, but also discovering new opportunities to innovate.”

    Ahmad Kassak, Director of Engineering, HPE

Did you know?

  • 80%

    of worldwide data will be unstructured by 2025*

  • 23x

    faster customer acquisition for data-driven organizations*

  • 69%

    businesses say big data informs better decisions*

Scality offers unlimited scale for data lakes and analytics applications

  • Versatile integrations

    S3 API for Splunk SmartStore (single-site, active-active, and stretched), Vertica Eon Mode, Apache Spark and Elastic
  • No tradeoffs

    Independently scale capacity and performance as needed without limiting data lake size
  • Peace of mind

    Scalable disaster and recovery solutions through integrated data replication
  • Flexible without limitations

    Ultra-high performance proven at any scale—100s of TBs to PBs per day—with simultaneous reads and deletes

With Scality your business can

  • Extract business value

    Facilitates business insights for a wide range of industries, including financial, media and entertainment, travel, healthcare, government and more
  • Support data lakes at scale

    Nearly 100 PB in a single RING, 1 PB per day new data ingested (with simultaneous Splunk indexer access and deletions)
  • Provide 100% uptime SLA

    Zero downtime during upgrades, expansions or failures
  • Enjoy low TCO

    Move and manage multi-petabytes of data required for optimal model training with software-defined storage running on commodity hardware

Big data storage use cases

  • Healthcare

    Improve personalized medicine and prescriptive analytics while eliminating fragmented point solutions
  • Live and archive tier

    S3 access seamlessly moves data between the storage platform and tier 1
  • Social media and retail

    AI/ML enriches decision-making based on customer behavior over time
  • Fraud detection

    Offer valuable insights critical to maintaining security and identifying fraud
  • Sensors, log and event streams

    Ultra-high network speed requirements make it extremely affordable vs. public cloud
  • evaluator group

    Evaluator Group Technical Insight

    Optimize for big data analytics

    See why Scality RING and Splunk SmartStore are the perfect fit to optimize your big data deployment. Take data back from the cloud and gain advantages.

Safeguard your data with world-class big data analytics partners

Scality integrates with the most respected big data analytics providers and solutions.  Explore our partner ecosystem.

  • splunk diagram


    Splunk + Scality: Scalable unified platform for operational intelligence

    Splunk has embraced Scality object storage to access large-scale data sets.  Our partnership and open APIs give Splunk users a broader suite of tools to power big data projects. Event analytics, AI operations, and automation tools will give you a jump-start.


    We are SmartStore-ready—validated through Splunk—to bring a new combined model of data management. By decoupling compute and storage you gain operational efficiencies by optimizing compute and storage independently.  

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