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Committed to supporting positive action


Scality’s commitment to making the world a better place is not just an idea — it’s in our DNA.

With projects around the globe, Scality and our employees are helping to build a better tomorrow. Beyond our technology roots, we strive to encourage positive, healthy human progress as a force for good. 

Our commitment is focused on three areas: charitable donations, workforce inclusion and the environment.

Charitable donations

Philanthropy for a personal cause

Every employee at Scality is encouraged to support the charities or nonprofits nearest to their hearts. All employees can contribute, and Scality matches every dollar, euro or yen 1-for-1.

Charities we support:



    Save the Children is an international organization that promotes children’s rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries. Scality, throughout its Social Responsibility program allows each employee to ask the company to match their own donations to foundations or associations or to propose collective initiatives for causes they wish to support.

  • cancer


    The Laurette Fugain association’s main objective is to fight leukaemia. Scality chose to support this association while taking part in the Course du Coeur, a running and cycling relay race from Paris to the French Alps. The idea originally came from the desire of Scality runners to show their solidarity with another employee upon her return from a 6-month fight against a rare form of leukaemia and to send a clear message about Scality’s commitment towards organ donation.



    The total cost of living in San Francisco is 62.6% higher than the U.S. average. In 2017, Scality, together with CloudNOW, Google and Accenture, chose to support students in need wishing to attend the innovative software engineering school Holberton based in the Bay Area by launching a scholarship program.



    At Scality, we believe that taking care of human diversity starts by protecting the environment in which we live, and biodiversity is a strong element of that belief. The impacts of species migration, species extinction and global warming on the human population are plentiful and will only become greater with the ever-increasing human population on the planet.


Workforce inclusion and diversity

Come as you are, as you were, as you want to be

We believe that diversity is the secret to our success. Scality’s inclusive company culture honors each individual, encouraging challenging perspectives and creativity. 

Our workforce is as diverse as our customer base. We actively recruit and employ individuals from all backgrounds regardless of age, gender identity, culture, faith or education.

Scality employees represent:

  • 25 nationalities
  • 14 countries
  • 40 years between oldest & youngest 

Scality serves clients in:

  • 45 countries
  • 5 continents
  • 5 offices across the globe

The environment

Protecting natural resources

Scality’s longstanding commitment to environmental conservation and reducing our impact remains a strategic objective. 

Whether it’s protecting coral reefs, preserving primary forests or reducing carbon emissions, our resolve to help the planet stands firm. Here are just a couple of the lifegiving programs we support:


ReforestAction was founded to raise awareness about the enchanting power of forests and the need to protect them. Since 2010, the organization has planted 10 million trees across the globe to improve the condition of humanity and the erosion of biodiversity.

Scality’s partnership with ReforestAction, which began with a focus of offsetting travel-based carbon emissions, has reached an even deeper level of meaning and urgency in light of the 2020 San Francisco Bay Area complex fires. Scality is committing to planting 10,000 trees in the USA by the spring of 2021.. 4,000 trees will be planted in Paris to help improve air quality as the city tackles high pollution levels.


Coral Gardeners — a network of young surfers and fishermen on the Tahitian island of Moorea — have one objective: to save the Polynesian coral beds. Why?

While they cover less than 1% of our oceans, coral reefs host 1/4 of known marine life and produce up to 70% of the oxygen we breathe. Current trends in global temperatures, urbanization, pollution, overfishing and other factors have led experts to predict that all coral reefs may be dead by the year 2050. We can’t let that happen. Coral Gardeners actively prevent the loss of corals by transplanting cuttings onto degraded areas of the reef. Scality supports this effort with financial contributions, matching employee donations.  

Charitable donations

Diversity and workforce inclusion

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