Healthcare with Scality and Cisco

Addressing Data Storage Challenges and Opportunities in Healthcare with Scality and Cisco

The reality of today’s Digital Transformation means that massive amounts of data of many different types are generated in the course of healthcare diagnostics, delivery and maintenance. Radiology, pathology cardiology, dermatology… multiple specialties contribute large images to the patient record, while audio, high-resolution images, videos, security camera footage, IoT, documents and other materials round out a large patient data set.

There is a massive and ever-increasing amount of data to be used, stored and protected in healthcare. To serve its purpose, that data needs to be available whenever it’s needed, 24/7/365 by healthcare professionals. The amount of information is huge, and growing as resolutions get higher, modalities increase and patients age.

Scality and Cisco help you meet these challenges by delivering superior data durability with availability that’s guaranteed, and low TCO.