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Session theme: Buildbot, the open-source continuous integration framework

by Rayene Ben Rayana and Julien Girardin

Struggling to implement Continuous Integration in your company or looking for ideas to improve it?  Join us at our Paris office, May 4th for some inspiration. At this session, we’ll be discussing one of the most convenient solutions currently available: Buildbot, the open-source continuous integration framework.

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Everyone has heard the saying; “the right tool for the right job,” and “you are only as good as your tools.” These sayings are even truer when it come to choosing a build automation tool for a Release Engineering team. As a Release Engineer, you know that you will spend the majority of your time interacting with this software, deploying it, monitoring it, scaling it, debugging it, building on top of it, fixing its issues, overcoming its limitations and even having fun with it. You’d better choose carefully 🙂

About a year ago, the Scality release engineering was faced with making a difficult choice. We needed to determine which tool we would use. After some painful trial and error, we selected Buildbot. It is scalable, relatively stable, fully deployable in an infrastructure-as-code (IAC) fashion and, most importantly, extremely flexible. You don’t adapt your workflow to Buildbot, you adapt Buildbot to fit into your workflow.

Today, we are pretty happy with the direction we have chosen. We’ve built a continuous delivery pipeline on top of our Buildbot cluster. That allows us to spawn hundreds of virtual machines and thousands of Docker containers every day to build and test Scality RING software.

It wasn’t easy, and we’re not done yet. However, we thought it would be worth sharing what we went through. We also wanted to pay tribute to the people who are spending their time and their energy to improve Buildbot, and we’ve invited Pierre Tardy (Intel Corp.), a.k.a tardyp, one of the most active Buildbot core developers, to join us.

Pierre is willing to take the flight from Toulouse especially for the event. His presentation is entitled: “Dive into Buildbot and create your own CI/CD System.”

The second presentation will be lead by Scality’s Release Engineering team. Title: “An open source pipeline built on top of Buildbot and leveraging its customization capabilities.”

As usual, we will be able to discuss around some food and drinks.

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