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Azure Blob Storage to S3

Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage translates Amazon S3 API calls to Azure Blob Storage API calls.

Azure Blob Storage - AWS S3

“Cloud choice for object storage and advanced workloads represents the future and Microsoft is pleased to collaborate with Scality to bring it to life with Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage.”

Tad Brockway, General Manager for Azure Storage at Microsoft Corp

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Translation layer between any Amazon S3-compatible app and Azure Blob Storage


  • Provides flexibility in cloud storage while reducing application development costs
  • Maintains security because your data never leaves your Azure subscription
  • API compatibility, upgrades, patches automatically managed
  • Allows data to be accessed by any Azure cloud service such as Cortana Analytics, PowerBI, or Azure Machine Learning toolsets


  • Translation layer between any Amazon S3-compatible app and Azure Blob Storage
  • Immediately leverage Azure Blob Storage without application modifications
  • Data is stored in Azure Blob Storage native format
  • Purchase and deploy through Azure Marketplace

What is Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage?

The Infinite Benefits of the Microsoft Cloud: Users can immediately consume Azure Blob Storage with their proven Amazon S3 applications. Scality Connect securely stores data in Azure native format so customers can access and use their data with Azure cloud services like Azure Machine Learning or Microsoft Power BI toolsets.

Deployment as Easy as 1-2-3: Scality Connect is offered as an application in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Anyone with a subscription can select Scality Connect from the marketplace portal, which initiates the instance in the user’s account. The account name and access key are maintained by Scality Connect to the account and underlying container.

S3-compatible applications access Azure Blob Storage

It’s Easy to Get Started

Watch this step-by-step video to get up and running with Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage