December 05, 2016

Scality named one of the 50 best workplaces of the year by the silicon review

San Francisco, CA
United States

50 best workplaces of the year

91 percent of employees are satisfied with the communication within the company

San Francisco, CA – December 5, 2016 Scality, world leader in object and cloud storage, announced that it has been named as one of the 50 Best Workplaces of the Year by The Silicon Review, a business and technology magazine for tech decision makers and enterprise IT.

  • “At Scality, we are convinced that exceptional results come from exceptional working conditions. We strive to create an environment of diversity where each person can contribute in their own specific way, an environment of respect for one another, an environment where the best tools are available to perform work, while respecting that we all need to play and to be healthy complete individuals. This does not happen by chance; it is the result of day after day attention.”

    Jérôme Lecat CEO at Scality

As an example, the company has put in place a sports program which is used by 60 percent of Scality employees, and a grant matching program to encourage employees to be socially involved in their community. The company promotes diversity as illustrated by the 23 nationalities represented amongst its 190 staff members and equal pay and benefits for both men and women.

Scality also puts forward its best performers, not only in sales, but across every service of the company, and not only within the company.

Twice a year, Scality performs an employment engagement survey to identify the areas which need improvement.

Scality’s most recent survey findings showed exceptional results. More than 91 percent of its employees rate the “level of communication with the executives” as favourable, a whopping 23 points better than the average tech companies of similar size. Exceptional working conditions also deliver good cross department communication. In the survey, 70 percent of the staff judges cross departmental communication as favourable, a significant nine points above the industry average.

“Fostering a demanding and positive culture demands constant attention. We want to develop a supportive environment to learn, encourage communication, question and perform. We pay utmost attention to culture fit as we are hiring more people to grow the company,” said Claire Forest, Chief People Officer and Culture Captain at Scality. “We are proud that our efforts are getting noticed.”

Director of Corporate Communications

Julie Greene