Scality Introduces RING Organic Storage

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Tyna Callahan

Tyna Callahan

Sr. Director of Communications

A quantum leap in unstructured data storage

Object-based approach to storage delivers application level performance and evolves like a living organism with absolutely no manual intervention
San Francisco, California –7th June 2011

Scality, After securing $7 M in a funding round earlier this year, Scality today unveiled the concept of organic storage, a new class of object-based storage that remains fresh and resilient for decades. In a companion release, Scality announced a new version of its RING Organic storage Storage software, the first Organic object Storage storage system to deliver application level and long-term storage for unstructured objects content managed by cloud services, such as webmail, photo, video and file sharing, blogging, SaaS or and cloud storage providers (StaaS) and in private clouds.

Why is it called ORGANIC storage?
Organic storage demonstrates many of the features of a living organism: The storage is spread among a collection of nodes (like cells), each made of generic x86 servers with direct attached storage. These nodes share a highly parallel distributed intelligence which has no single point of failure does not depend on any single component. As a result the system is resilient, self-healing, adaptive, location aware and constantly renewing.

The downside of traditional storage for unstructured data

The storage of unstructured data doubles every 18 months, and the growth is even higher for cloud service providers. Deployment of SAN and NAS storage technologies – or even clustered systems – presents significant issues when used for unstructured data.

“Our research indicates that cloud service providers and large content depots plan to expand their storage capacity by over 76% a year for the next five years. One of their biggest challenges is to quickly take advantage of the fastest, largest, and lowest cost storage technologies while avoiding the high costs and unwanted downtime associated with upgrading or replacing legacy storage systems,” said Richard Villars, vice president of storage and IT executive strategies at IDC. “Solutions like Scality’s organic storage and RING storage software will make it possible for organizations with large and fast growing rich content and unstructured data pools to adopt a lower cost and non-disruptive approach to deploying and expanding their storage assets.”

Even with server virtualization, cloud service providers face huge challenges, including mounting volumes of data for specific application servers and inherent i-node limitations that restrict the number of files. The biggest issue with SAN and NAS technologies is the need to replace the whole system and migrate all of the data every four to five years in order to benefit from the ongoing reduction in the cost of hardware. These compounding issues result in a system that is complex to manage, unavailable during scheduled maintenance, and ultimately very costly.

Jérôme Lecat, CEO of Scality, said, “Unstructured data is the life blood of cloud service providers such as email service providers, software-as-a-service providers and storage-as-a-service providers. With RING Organic Storage, Scality delivers the four must-haves for these complex storage environments: virtually unlimited scalability, absolute reliability, exceptional performance and reduced infrastructure costs.”

An organic storage system is always young
Just as a living organism is made of cells that constantly and automatically replenish themselves, without harming or impairing the system, RING Organic StorageTM is made of nodes in a configuration that can be modified with evolving storage requirements. This allows new servers to be added while the application remains fully functional. When a server dies, absolutely no manual intervention is required.

The intelligence of RING Organic Storage resides not in the components, but in the RING software that links the components together. As a result the RING can transform over time: older servers are marked for retirement and taken out of the system. In this way the RING of nodes is always able to leverage the newest, lowest cost hardware. It does this with absolutely no specific deployment or manual migration processes. The results include fewer opportunities for human error, eliminated risk of data loss during migrations, and massively lower operating and infrastructure costs. In addition, RING Organic Storage uses standard hardware components so that it benefits from price competition on generic servers, disks and networking equipment.


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Scality accelerates with record-breaking Q4 and 30% YoY annual growth in 2020
San Francisco, CA – January 13, 2021

Heightened customer demand for storage at multi-petabyte scale leads to record deployments

Scality predicts containerization and cloud-native apps will define the 2021 data storage landscape
San Francisco, CA – December 1, 2020

2021 will see a number of trends emerge as enterprise IT teams and storage vendors adapt in order to support the rise of cloud-native apps and the subsequent change in application and cloud infrastructure models.

Scality empowers Nightshift to secure storage of valuable digital media for premier global brands
San Francisco, CA – November 19, 2020

By protecting its critical data, this global broadcast provider can concentrate on creating award-winning content for the world’s most recognized brands.

Scality named a 5x leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Distributed File and Object Storage
San Francisco, CA – October 22, 2020

“We believe that Scality’s five-time Leadership position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage is exactly how our customers see us,” said Jerome Lecat, Scality’s CEO.

Scality will plant 14,000 trees with reforestation efforts across California and Europe
San Francisco, CA – October 13, 2020

In partnership with Reforest’Action, Scality will plant 14,000 trees in 2021 to help address climate change. The effort has become a more urgent priority after complex lightning fires in California burned over 1.4 million acres surrounding Scality’s U.S. home base in the San Francisco, Bay Area.

Scality announces 1 terabit per second performance for Scale-Out File System in Microsoft Azure public cloud
San Francisco, CA – September 29, 2020

Scality announced the technical preview of its high-performance scale-out file system (SOFS) in Microsoft Azure, which delivers linear scaling performance for read- and write-intensive workloads measured at 1 terabit per second the equivalent of downloading 50 high-definition movies per second!

Lake Solutions puts trust in Scality for new cloud-delivered backup-as-a-service offering
San Francisco — September 24, 2020

LAKE Solutions, a leading cloud service provider in Switzerland, has deployed Scality RING to power a new backup-as-a-service offering, providing its customers with a reliable and secure infrastructure with cloud-like economics.

Scality RING8 on all-flash delivers file and object storage performance 10x faster than competitive solutions
San Francisco — September 14, 2020

Scality RING customers gain the all-flash advantage with the industry’s only solution to support both scale-out file and object storage on a single platform.

Scality delivers 62% YoY revenue growth and strengthens partnerships with new Veeam 10 qualification + expansion with Hewlett Packard Enterprise
San Francisco — August 26, 2020

Scality announced record earnings for the first half of 2020 with 62% year-over-year growth in revenue. Its extensive blue-chip customer base now includes six of the top banks and seven of the top telecom operators in the world.

Scality appoints former Silver Peak leader Eric LeBlanc as new VP of EMEA and Asia Pac

In his new position, Leblanc will continue to advance a strategic channel focus to maximize an already solid revenue model for Scality partners across EMEA and Asia Pacific.

ViON selects Scality RING8 to power new hybrid-cloud services in tier-1 government agencies
San Francisco — July 21, 2020

RING8 is a core technology powering two of ViON’s predefined cloud service offerings: Object Storage-as-a-Service (OSaaS) and the long-term Archive-as-a-Service (AaaS).

Scality affirms commitment to open source as founding member of new Linux Foundation to solve data management challenges
San Francisco — June 30, 2020

Soda Foundation develops an open source, unified and autonomous data management framework for data mobility from edge to core to cloud.

Scality invests to advance AI and machine learning with Inria Research Institute
San Francisco — June 16, 2020

Funding drives progress in open-source software to tackle global societal challenges, focusing on health, sustainability, education, open society, privacy and digital democracy.

Scality expands vision of multi-cloud data orchestration with deep AWS S3 integration in Zenko

 San Francisco — June 11, 2020
The industry’s first and only cloud-native data controller extends reach over available data and fulfils the promise of multi-cloud sovereignty.


Healthcare and genomics IT leaders save millions by modernizing with Scality’s on-prem software defined storage
San Francisco, CA - June 2, 2020

Scale-out storage is saving IT pros $270,000 per petabyte over three years and 46% less time managing storage infrastructure.

Scality named an Outperformer in GigaOm Radar for Enterprise Object Storage
San Francisco, CA - March 18, 2020

Analyst report that evaluates vendors based on technical capabilities, roadmap, execution and ability to innovate puts Scality in its Leaders circle with ‘Outperformer’ designation.

Scality’s new NAS Archiver simplifies path to enterprise storage efficiency
San Francisco, CA — April 14, 2020

In tough times, making it easy for customers to capture economies is more critical than ever. Scality NAS Archiver assesses data access patterns, providing a report that exposes potential savings for IT.

Scality RING selected as a Product of the Year by Storage Magazine and SearchStorage
San Francisco, CA - February 19, 2020

RING8 software-defined storage received the Bronze award in the Enterprise Cloud Storage category in the 2019 Storage Product of the Year, awarded by Tech Target’s Storage magazine and Tech Target’s StorageMedia websites. 

Scality responds to social responsibility call, announces one-month paternity leave and carbon offset program
San Francisco, CA – February 5, 2020

The company is making two new commitments in response to a social responsibility call from Cedric O, France Minister of State for the Digital Sector.

Scality’s growth surge continues with strong base and record numbers of new customers, expansions in 2019
San Francisco, CA – January 22, 2020

Scality expanded its install base with more than 50 new enterprise customers from around the world, across a broad range of industries and use cases.

Scality selected as a finalist in the Storage Magazine and Search Storage 2019 Products of the Year award
San Francisco, CA – January 21, 2020

 Scality’s RING8 qualified in the Cloud Storage category because the latest generation of the company’s flagship product brings business agility, resiliency and efficiency to organizations facing data storage and orchestration challenges.

Scality predicts object storage at the edge on flash and hybrid cloud dominant in 2020
San Francisco – January 15, 2020

Data storage will become massively decentralized in 2020 and hybrid cloud will become the de facto standard for organizations as they seek ways to manage and use data efficiently and intelligently.

Scality again named a Leader in new IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Object-Based Storage 2019 Vendor Assessment   
San Francisco – January 7, 2020

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Object-Based Storage 2019 Vendor Assessment named Scality a Leader in object storage.

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Scality empowers Nightshift to secure storage of valuable media

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