April 17, 2014

Scality integrates aspera high-performance file transfer for large media content distribution across globally distributed production centers

San Francisco, CA
United States

The growth of large data files

HD and 4K Content requires predictable file transfer

San Francisco, CA – April 7, 2014 Scality, an established leader in software-defined storage, announced the integration of Aspera FASP transfer server software with Scality’s massively scalable RING storage solution and the RING’s file-based access methods.

With the growth of large data files from HD and 4K content, the media industry requires predictable file transfers across geographically distributed media production sites. The integration of Aspera and Scality ensures that media companies can transfer large files such as HD video into and out of Scality’s RING petabyte-scale storage with the highest speed, security and reliability regardless of file size or distance between the production sites.

Scality supports the broadest range of industry standard access protocols, making it easy for Aspera users to integrate with Scality RING and benefit from its fast media access, geo-redundancy and high data durability level. The integration also brings added file transfer functionality to customers who use Scality RING for Content Distribution Networks (cdns) origin servers, Video On Demand (VOD), streaming services and Media Asset Management (MAM) workflows. Aspera broadens Scality’s Media portfolio and solidifies Scality media industry presence.

“Scality RING has been deployed at a number of leading, global media sites. We are pleased that Aspera customers can benefit from the RING and that existing Scality customers can benefit from Aspera’s advanced geo-distribution capabilities. Aspera transfer server is available for all RING releases thanks to Scality’s integration with file-based protocols. Users are able to leverage the RING platform across media workflows wherever the location of media content,” said Philippe Nicolas, Director of Product Strategy at Scality.

  • “Media companies have long struggled with transferring large data files such as HD video due to the performance bottleneck that are inherent on the Internet today,” said John Wastcoat. This integration with Scality ensures that those files can be transferred with the highest speed and predictability between Scality’s high performance storage systems so they can work faster and more efficiently.”

    John Wastcoat Vice President of Business Development at Aspera Software, an IBM company

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