Scality Grows Healthcare Customer Base as Hospitals Move to Cost-Effective, Efficient, Flexible and Scalable Storage

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Tyna Callahan

Tyna Callahan

Sr. Director of Communications

Academic healthcare centers where scalability, availability, flexibility and low TCO are critical

Medical centers and hospitals worldwide are adopting Scality RING as the storage of choice for medical imaging, surveillance video, genomics, backup storage and more
San Francisco, CA – October 22, 2019

Scality, a leader in software solutions for global data orchestration and distributed file and object storage, today announced its accelerating market penetration into the healthcare sector worldwide. With more than a dozen recent customers in France alone, Scality RING is becoming the storage solution of choice for individual hospitals, hospital systems and academic healthcare centers where scalability, availability, flexibility and low TCO are critical. Deployed now at healthcare institutions in Europe, North America, United Kingdom, South America and Asia, Scality RING adoption is strong, and growing across and within organizations, as they see the benefits of the solution and expand its use across multiple use cases, including enterprise imaging and genomics, surveillance video, backup storage and more. 

Growing volumes of data generated by hospitals and healthcare centers are increasingly driving change as IT departments reevaluate legacy infrastructure, replacing it with suitable and sustainable long-term digital strategies that take into account the rapid changes in healthcare technology and research. Key in this market is that data must be kept intact and available to physicians and other clinicians for patient care. Hospitals need cost-effective solutions that guarantee that availability, and keep the data intact and secure, while offering scalability to accommodate ever-growing volumes of data with long retention times. Scalability without disruption is key.

Recent accelerated adoption among hospitals in France has seen several of that country’s largest academic medical centers and hospital groups deploying Scality RING. One example is Marseille’s Public Hospital (AP-HM), another is Paris-based Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP), one of the largest healthcare organizations in the world. With 22,000 beds across 39 hospitals, AP-HP provides care for eight million patients each year, and uses RING to store data from multiple functional areas and applications, including radiological images from its Carestream PACS, as well as genomics and backup data.  Another, CHU Dijon, chose Scality RING as the basis for its private health cloud to secure its growing volumes of data, including imaging data from GE PACS and backup data. Part of the national ‘Plan France Médecine Génomique 2025,’ the SeqOIA project also chose Scality to achieve its goal to develop and structure genomics healthcare and medicine for half of the French territory.  Several others from the Health Cooperation Group UNIHA, a purchasing network group of 900 French public hospitals including 32 academic hospitals and 24 hospital centers, have adopted Scality RING to store patient and scientific data from multiple applications. Hôpital Européen de Marseille, CHU de Reims, CHU de Besancon, CHU Toulouse, CHU Nîmes and CHRU Strasbourg are among them. 

Software-defined Scality RING turns any standard x86 server into highly-expandable, highly flexible storage. It scales without limit and offers 100 percent availability, all while reducing cost by as much as 90 percent compared to legacy systems. It features native file and object protocols for flexible efficient storage that keeps data from a variety of applications safe with data encryption, volume and bucket data protection, versioning, extended location control for data sovereignty, and geo-replication for disaster recovery for customers requiring ironclad data protection.

Scality is solving the petabyte-scale storage challenges that are critical to success in healthcare IT: availability, durability and security,” said Olivier Leconte, Responsable Business Unit Santé at Computacenter France, Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, a UNIHA supplier and Scality’s partner in this market. “We’re pleased to be able to bring such a versatile, resilient, cost-effective storage solution to our customers. In my experience, the private cloud proves to be the best solution for storing medical data, time and time again.”

For Marseille Public Hospital, moving medical imaging storage to Scality RING has been a significant success. “We have had outstanding support from Scality during delivery and on an ongoing basis,” said Renaud Masse, Head of IT Infrastructure Management at AP-HM. “The performance meets all user expectations. It’s so good, in fact, that we’re getting lots of requests from multiple departments to put new workloads on the Scality RING.”

To find out more about Scality RING for healthcare organizations, visit https://www.scality.com/industries/healthcare/.
More on PACS/medical imaging storage is at  https://www.scality.com/use-cases/medical-imaging/.
Go deeper on AP-HM’s deployment of Scality RING in the full case study, at  https://www.scality.com/customers/aphm/.

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