Scality Broadens Enterprise Adoption as Deluxe OnDemand, Dailymotion, and Phoenix Depend on Scality RING for High Performance, 100% Reliable Storage

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Tyna Callahan

Tyna Callahan

Sr. Director of Communications

Paris-based Dailymotion has expanded the Scality RING

Market Leaders Run Mission-Critical Applications with Hundreds of Millions of End Users on Scality; Company Launches First Self-Service Trial for Massive-Scale Software-Based Storage
San Francisco, CA – June 24, 2015

Scality, the leader in software-based storage for the information age, today announced new and expanded RING deployments at Deluxe OnDemandTM, Dailymotion, and Phoenix. Since introducing the RING in 2010, Scality has made significant upgrades to the platform to help Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers, Media & Entertainment, Global Enterprises, and Governments easily transition to software-defined data centers. Advances like a native scale out file system, use case oriented performance enhancements, and OpenStack integration have led to new partnerships, customer acquisitions, and expanded deployments that cumulate in the support of over 500 million end users worldwide. Now, with today’s launch of the self-service RING Trial, anyone can evaluate the massive-scale, software-based storage platform firsthand.

The Scality RING’s Performance Exceeds Scale-out NAS, and Increases as the System Grows, Making New Enterprise Applications and Services Possible

The Scality RING provides line-rate throughput performance that scales linearly from 1GBps in a single interface to unlimited interfaces. Deluxe OnDemand provides leading video workflow management and turnkey content-supply solutions to MVPDs, Retailers, and Programmers for video on demand (VOD), TV Everywhere (TVE), Over-the-Top (OTT), and Electronic Sell-Through (EST) applications. Deluxe chose the Scality RING because of its performance, reliability, and cost-savings

“We currently house over 80,000 titles, spanning new releases, feature films, and television, each in multiple bit rates.  Current architectures do not provide the necessary support for streaming technologies and dynamic packaging to address our customers’ requirement to deliver tens of thousands of titles, to hundreds of different devices, at an affordable cost,” said Allan Lamkin, CTO and SVP of Deluxe OnDemand. “Scality provides the performance we need in our mission-critical environment, with the ability to scale to tens of petabytes without storage appliance lock-in.  By running our origin server with the Scality RING, we expect to save several million dollars, the savings of which we can pass along to our customers.”

The RING’s scale out file system interfaces enable simple integration to existing servers and the throughput performance necessary to ingest more than 10 terabytes of content a day, with the ability to continue to scale linearly. Highly efficient data resilience is gained directly from the RING’s erasure coding, which protects massive video files with as little as twenty-nine percent overhead. With the RING, Deluxe can now ingest new titles with file system interfaces and stream the same content through parallel HTTP REST interfaces, eliminating the need for storage at content delivery network (CDN) providers.

The Scality RING Enables Complete Hardware Choice, at Deployment, and as the System Grows, Ensuring the Most Cost Effective, Optimized Performance Hardware, and the Best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Dailymotion serves 300 million monthly users with Scality

Scality RING’s software-based architecture gives customers the flexibility to pick from any Linux-based x86 platform, and fully supports mixed deployments. Dailymotion is the world’s second largest online video site with over 300 million unique visitors and three billion streams monthly. Dailymotion initially selected the Scality RING in June of 2014 to store and stream its 40 million video titles. Less than a year later, Dailymotion announced it has doubled its Scality deployment to 17 petabytes. Dailymotion chose Scality for its hardware independence and efficient reliability. Dailymotion’s first deployment consisted of HP SL4540 servers with 4TB drives, chosen for their superior density. Their expansion consisted of HP servers with 6TB drives. Dailymotion was able to perform the multi-rack, mixed hardware expansion without any downtime. For reliability, Scality’s erasure coding protects Dailymotion’s content, and is able to efficiently tolerate multiple, entire chassis or disk drive failures without impacting data access.

“Our environment grows by at least five petabytes a year, so storage is a critical component,” said Pierre-Yves Kerembellec, Head of System and Network Architecture for Dailymotion. “The Scality RING reduced our TCO, made it easy to use off-the-shelf hardware, and implementation was completely transparent to the end users. Everything worked as advertised.”

The Scality RING Provides 100% Reliability Even at Massive Scale, Increasing End User Adoption, Satisfaction, and Retention, While Reducing Operator Costs

Phoenix launches Archive-as-a-Service powered by Scality storage

The Scality RING can tolerate multiple component failures and maintain availability, self-heal disks in minutes not hours, and span multiple sites as a single protected environment. Phoenix chose the RING for its reliability and hardware independence. Phoenix is one of the UK’s leading providers of cloud, managed IT services and business continuity with 28 operating sites across the UK and over 3,600 customers, serving over 300,000 end users across all sectors. Phoenix’s storage customers depend on them for securely storing and recovering data, data compliance, and disaster recovery, so reliability is critical. Phoenix also wanted to leverage multiple form factors of HP servers initially, and as the environment grew. As pure software, (which doesn’t require hardware qualification) the RING was easily able to support this.

“There’s a growing need and therefore growing opportunity to improve the way organisations address IT disaster recovery and the huge volume of data now involved. Many are still approaching the problem with decades old approaches and tools. Our Recover Smarter ‘Active Archive as a Service’ offers vastly superior RPOs and RTOs at a far lower cost point than previously offered and this is made possible by Scality. We chose Scality RING because it exemplifies the modern solution: hardware-agnostic, incredibly reliable, and easy to scale massively.” said Mike Osborne, Managing Director of Business Continuity Services at Phoenix.”

Scality Launches First Self-Service Limited Trial for Massive-Scale Software-Based Storage

Scality announced today an online, self-service limited trial of the Scality RING, allowing anyone to test the RING online, to store and access data using file and object interfaces, and to simulate resiliency to disk or server failures. For the first time, customers can experience production-ready software-based storage without deploying hardware, navigating through massive installation manuals, or dealing with complex cloud deployments. Anyone can register for the limited trial of the RING by visiting: scality.com/trial. For additional information about the Scality RING, go to: scality.com/RING.

“Software is eating the storage world. Deluxe, Dailymotion, and Phoenix are great customers and further proof that the Scality RING is the only software that fully supports the enterprise and their need for complete freedom in hardware choice, higher performance, and 100% reliability at very large scale. Our new self-service RING trial is a unique way to see for yourself what more than 75 cloud-scale customers are running in production,” concludes Erwan Menard, Scality COO.

About Scality

Scality builds a market leading software-defined file and object platform designed for on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.  We give customers the freedom and control necessary to compete in a data driven economy. Scality is recognized as a leader by Gartner and IDC. Follow us @scality and LinkedIn. Visit www.scality.com or subscribe to our company blog SOLVED.

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