April 18, 2017

Scality accelerates multi-cloud adoption with new open-source release

San Francisco, CA
United States

Scality S3 Server release

Scality S3 Server now supports a wide variety of private and public cloud services; adds high availability and resiliency to enhance production deployments

San Francisco, CA – April 18, 2017 Scality, world leader in object and cloud storage, today announced immediate availability of a new open-source Scality S3 Server release, under the Apache 2.0 license, with support for high availability and multiple cloud data backends.

Scality S3 Server’s extensive multi-cloud support now includes AWS S3, In-memory, Scality RING, and Docker Volume. An extended set of storage services are available with Docker Volume, including Google Cloud, NetApp, HPE 3PAR, Azure File Storage, and many more. Based on a pluggable cloud repository module, Scality S3 Server can be enhanced to support any private or public cloud data service and allows the same S3 API interface to be used with any data backend.

“Companies today do not use just a single cloud service, but use many. However, until now, there was no S3 data service that could provide highly available service across any private or public cloud,” said Giorgio Regni, CTO at Scality. “This new Scality S3 Server release provides the simplest on-ramp to object storage. It is cloud provider independent, meaning users decide on the optimal cloud storage option for their data. It is the easiest, most flexible, and scalable way to store vast amounts of unstructured data, and it empowers developers and enterprises to leverage this simplicity for free.”

Scality S3 Server was first released in June 2016 and many enhancements have been made since. This latest release satisfies customer demand for high availability and support for Docker Swarm, a clustering and scheduling tool for Docker containers. Scality S3 Server is now resistant to server failures with automatic recovery of service. Together, Scality S3 Server and Docker Swarm optimize this high availability, allowing users to sustain one or more server losses while uninterruptedly continuing with normal storage system operations.

Based on Scality RING technology, which has more than 500 million users, Scality S3 Server is production-proven for the most extreme data workloads. For customers who require comprehensive enterprise capabilities, the same S3 server interface is available with Scality RING. This extends advanced enterprise data availability features, including reinforced security, access controls, and complete scale-out ability, all with guaranteed uptime. Scality RING also supports essential enterprise protocols such as single sign-on, Microsoft Active Directory, and LDAP.

Director of Corporate Communications

Julie Greene