Petabyte-Scale Compliance Archiving Solution Now Available with Industry-Leading Storage Density

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Tyna Callahan

Tyna Callahan

Sr. Director of Communications

A solution based on an object architecture that expands to multiple petabytes and billions of objects

iTernity and Scality have partnered to sell and support a comprehensive software-defined storage solution
Freiburg, Germany – August 3rd, 2016

iTernity’s Compliant Archive Software (iCAS), combined with Scality RING software and Dell SD7000-S storage servers, helps reduce the cost and risks involved in managing rapidly growing amounts of unstructured data. Now organizations can deploy an ultra-dense file and object storage solution for large scale data archives to meet their retention policies and comply with evolving regulatory requirements.

Through their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement, iTernity and Scality have partnered to sell and support a comprehensive software-defined storage solution for archiving and compliance requirements. In addition, Dell recently introduced the SD7000-S; a purpose-built storage server for  Scality RING that provides the industry’s densest object storage platform and helps reduce data center power, cooling and rack space required for RING deployments. Together the three companies are now offering an integrated compliance and archiving solution that is available through Scality and Dell. This solution enables customers to efficiently store and protect massive amounts of unstructured data while adhering to complex industry guidelines and government regulations regarding compliant data storage. It supports multiple media formats and more than 100 enterprise applications (as data sources) while enabling customers to build geo-distributed platforms.

Organizations in regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare and life sciences can now efficiently reduce the business risks of non-compliance with advanced capabilities for long-term data protection, retention, immutability and encryption. The solution is based on an object architecture that expands to multiple petabytes and billions of objects in a global namespace across multiple geographic locations. It incorporates best of breed hardware and software technologies and meets various data archive compliance regulations, including SEC 17 a-4.

“Customers looking to build or expand their environments based on the Scality RING software and Dell hardware can now – with the new version 6 of the Scality RING – solve their compliance requirements as part of their business needs within one integrated solution,” said Erwan Menard, President and COO of Scality. “By working closely with Dell and iTernity, our joint storage customers benefit from reduced IT complexity, lower overall costs, and strong compliance functionalities in an efficient and highly scalable solution.”

Why Compliant Archiving?

Adhering to compliance archiving requirements is vital for enterprises in all industries and markets, as regulatory bodies have increased controls and penalties, including steep fines and legal actions for non-compliance. In the last 10 years, organizations have been striving to adhere to numerous compliance regulations in data archiving, e.g. HIPAA, GxP, SOX, SEC 17a-4, Dodd-Frank, PCI-DSS. Many of these regulations require them to implement solutions for immutable storing, logging and audit trails.

“We are excited that now Dell customers that already use or plan to acquire the integrated solution with the Dell SD7000-S can benefit from the most scalable data compliance solution on the market. Combining the Scality RING with iTernity´s compliance and archiving software iCAS extends the functional range of the object storage platform and enables customers in regulated markets to implement a storage infrastructure that meets their wide-ranging requirements,” said Ralf Steinemann, CEO of iTernity.

About iTernity

iTernity is a leading vendor for software-defined compliant archiving solutions. Future-proof protection of application data within heterogeneous storage and cloud infrastructures is its mission. iTernity provides solutions for compliant data management including data replication and immutability, continuous data self-healing and policy-driven data retention. iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS) is an enterprise archive and data protection software that helps organizations store data flexibly and securely. For more information visit www.iternity.com

About Scality

Scality builds a market leading software-defined file and object platform designed for on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.  We give customers the freedom and control necessary to compete in a data driven economy. Scality is recognized as a leader by Gartner and IDC. Follow us @scality and LinkedIn. Visit www.scality.com or subscribe to our company blog SOLVED.

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