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Libero selects Scality RING Organic for its email platform

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Tyna Callahan

Tyna Callahan

Sr. Director of Communications

Scality’s RING Organic Storage

Scality powers scalable, affordable and “future proofed” storage infrastructure for leading Italian email provider
Milan and San Francisco — June 06, 2012

Libero Srl, Italy’s most popular portal, ISP and largest email provider, has selected storage at scale pioneer Scality’s RING Organic Storage™ platform to solve its email storage needs and underpin future cloud storage offerings. Libero forecasts huge data growth over the coming years, and will integrate Scality’s highly scalable and performant storage with its Critical Path email platform on DELL PowerEdge servers.

Scality’s object storage-based, hardware independent architecture will enable Libero to scale and manage its email platform more efficiently, while significantly reducing total cost of ownership. Libero’s customers will benefit from increased email storage capacity on a faster and more reliable storage infrastructure than the legacy system. Part of the deal also includes an option to use the Scality RING for future Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) offerings within the framework of Libero’s Cloud strategy.

“Libero is committed to supplying fast and reliable email access for our 8 million users,” said Antonio Converti, CEO of Libero. “In order to ensure that our IT systems provide the best performance today and into the future, the storage infrastructure must support the fastest and most reliable service delivery and grow with our users’ needs.”

“Libero has recognized that email storage success requires an experienced and specialized approach. The Scality RING is the most suitable backend storage for any large-scale email application in the market today and is capable of delivering the performance, the functionality and the economics of the cloud for large scale email platforms,” said Jérôme Lecat, CEO of Scality.

Libero Srl Active since May 2011, Libero Srl includes the activities of the Libero portal and of the Internet Service Provider ItNet – two landmarks in the history of Internet in Italy. Created on July 13 1999 as Italy’s first Internet and e-mail portal, libero.it boasts the largest Italian Internet community, with more than 12 million unique users per month; it is the number-one convergent portal capable of offering a vast array of services and content, including search engine, news, sports, finance, entertainment, blogs, online dating, shopping, and specialized theme channels. ITnet Srl was founded as an ISP in 1994; 100% held by Wind by 1999, since May 2011 it has been a subsidiary of Libero S.r.l. It has always been oriented to the corporate market, focusing on the supply of value-added services and solutions based on Data Centres, with well-established know-how in network infrastructure and computing architectures.

Scality Inc: Scality is the developer of RING, a software platform enabling cloud storage to easily scale up to exabytes using commodity server hardware with direct attached storage. Scality delivers the performance and reliability of a SAN- or NAS-based architecture without the hassles of volume management at one third to half of the cost.

Scality is used by Service Providers to deploy Storage-as-a-Service offerings, by Email Providers to store emails for millions of users, and by web services managing billions of files with very high performance expectations, either for Web 2.0 or business applications. Scality RING is based on a patented object storage technology, which delivers high availability, ease of operations and total control of your data. For more information, visit: scalebackup.wpengine.com or follow @Scality on Twitter.


​Scality builds the most powerful storage tools to make data easy to protect, search and manage anytime, on any cloud. We give customers the freedom and control necessary to be competitive in a data driven economy. Recognized as a leader in distributed file and object storage by Gartner and IDC, we help you to be ready for the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.

Let us show you how. Follow us on Twitter @scality and @zenko. Visit us at www.scality.com.

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