November 14, 2013

German aerospace center deploys Scality RING to power mission-critical environmental analysis of high resolution earth images

San Francisco, CA
United States

Active archive for large amounts of hd satellite images

Scality RING provides Germany’s Earth Observation Center with support for unlimited storage growth, high IOPS and access to both traditional file systems and cloud storage resources via CDMI.

San Francisco — November 14th, 2013 DLR / German Aerospace Center, has selected Scality’s award winning Scality RING petabyte scale storage solution to host its active archive for large amounts of their high definition satellite images. DLR’s Earth Observation Center uses remote sensing to perform environmental and climate studies. These studies enable improved forecasting and analysis, including the prevention and management of natural disasters. The Earth Observation Center’s (EOC) Photogrammetry and Image Analysis unit selected and deployed Scality more than a year ago to model topography, land use and further geoinformation products. Based on Scality’s success in meeting the stringent demands of DLR’s high performance computing environment, EOC is planning on doubling the capacity of their Scality RING production system.

The EOC Scality RING supports the unlimited capacity required of an archive of millions of extremely high-resolution images, growing by many terabytes during the conduct of each mission, and provides the high performance required of sophisticated image processing. Scality’s natively distributed design enables concurrent access by many workstations to EOC’s massive image archive and easily handles the compute-intensive workloads that the Image Analysis department requires. In addition to providing HPC-class throughput, Scality RING’s unique data protection technologies support the extreme levels of data resilience and durability required by EOC for this unique and irreplaceable information asset.

“Scality’s RING provides us with a proven solution unlike any other we have found,” said Professor Peter Reinartz, Head of the Photogrammetry and Image Analysis department. “Scality provides for unlimited growth and high IOPS across many information system formats, including access to traditional file systems and cloud storage resource via CDMI. This is very unusual, and as we grow, it is proving to be an essential element of our workflow and infrastructure.”

  • “DLR has developed one of the most advanced imaging analysis groups. We are pleased to partner with their Earth Observation Center, and are intrigued to learn that the world’s most scalable storage system is being used to map the world’s highest scale mountain range, the Karakoram, site of the legendary K2. Scality is proud to help DLR solve mission critical environmental problems at the forefront of earth science.”

    Jerome Lecat CEO of Scality

About EOC

The Earth Observation Center (EOC) at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) consists of the German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) and the Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF) and is the center of competence for earth observation in Germany. EOC conducts research in the field of remote sensing. We seek answers to urgent social questions relating to the environment and climate, mobility and planning, prevention and management of natural catastrophes, and civil security. We operate satellite data receiving stations in Germany and abroad. In the German Satellite Data Archive (D-SDA) we safeguard data and information products long-term and make them available to users. EOC comprises the German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) and the Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF), at work in Oberpfaffenhofen, Neustrelitz and Berlin-Adlershof. For more information visit:

Director of Corporate Communications

Julie Greene