October 27, 2015

First sixth months in review – customer, team, and product growth

San Francisco, CA
United States

Another exceptional year

Scality sees major customer deployments, continued Enterprise and openstack product investment and management team expansion

San Francisco, CA – October 27th, 2015 Scality, an industry leader in petabyte-scale storage, announced that 2014 promises to be another exceptional year. Since January 2014, Scality signed more than ten new customers, launched additional research initiatives, and expanded its staff and its senior management team. Furthermore, Scality continues to demonstrate extremely capital efficient operations, having consumed only $2 million during the past year, to fuel its strong growth.  

Over the past year, Scality has seen significant mainstream adoption of Software-Defined Storage, with particularly strong adoption in key markets, including financial services, government, and media and entertainment. Some of the largest organizations in the world are deploying Scality as a storage foundation for their software defined data centers thanks to Scality’s unique ability to handle today’s file-base applications with an architecture that scales into the future. Because Scality is able to leverage the latest commodity hardware innovations and interoperates with the openstack framework, Scality enables large enterprises to deploy cloud applications while optimizing cost, reliability and performance.

Customers, Markets and Partners During the period, Scality gained more than ten new customers. Key adoptions included Los Alamos National Laboratory, deploying a multi-hundred petabyte Scality RING to monitor the health of the US nuclear stockpile. Dailymotion, youtube’s largest competitor and one of the world’s top 100 websites, is deploying a 10PB Scality RING for its consumer media service.

In April 2013, Scality announced its entry in the Digital Media market at NAB. During the past six months, Scality extended its success in this market. RTL Interactive, Germany’s largest media company, manages its 16,000 title video catalog and hundreds of thousands of simultaneous consumer video sessions using Scality. Scality also recently signed AB Groupe and Pluriad, top media companies in France.

Other new customers included Orange, one of the world’s largest telecommunications operators, Renault, a leading car manufacturer, a US bank ranked among the top ten globally, a leading university and a major North American defense/intelligence agency.

During Q2, Scality opened its Tokyo office, expanding its presence beyond the North America and Western Europe. The company’s Japanese business continues to grow, as is indicated by new customer adoptions, including BIGLOBE.

In Q1 2014, Scality launched an Alliance program, with the establishment of a team based in San Francisco, and has announced new strategic partnerships including Aspera (fast file transfer) and Seagate. As part of this partnership, Scality software is available on Seagate’s innovative Kinetic Storage devices.

Enterprise Product Innovation In 2013, Scality’s product development focused on scale-out unified storage with native support for block, file, and object and interfaces. In 2014, Scality is extending its vision of software-defined storage by enhancing NFS, CIFS and Active Directory security; developing new administrative tools to simplify petabyte-scale storage management; and completing new integrations to provide full openstack interoperability so that Scality can serve as the ideal storage foundation for openstack deployment.

Scality RING 4.3, shipping in June, improves overall performance across a broad range of applications and workloads and enhances enterprise file operations by as much as 60% to 95%. Scality RING has long been recognized for the combined IOPS and throughput performance of its software-defined implementation. The optimized performance of file protocols makes Scality RING a unique high-performance unified storage platform.

Organizational Development

During the first half of the year Scality increased the size of its staff by 50% and expanded its senior team by recruiting storage industry veterans across key roles in sales and marketing. The company recently hired Will Hall, formerly Vice President of Worldwide OEM Sales at Fusion-io, as Scality’s VP of US Sales. Leo Leung, formerly VP of Marketing at Oxygen Cloud and a Senior Manager of Cloud products at EMC, has joined Scality as VP of Corporate Marketing. Tom Leyden, a product marketing Director at DDN and Amplidata is Scality’s Senior Director of Product Marketing. Paul Speciale, Scality’s Senior Director of Product Management, brings years of storage experience from his work at Q-Layer and Amplidata. David Harvey, who led International Sales and Business Development at Message Systems and previously held similar positions at Bizanga and Savvis, joined Scality as VP of Strategic Alliances and Channels.

  • “2014 is the most exciting year since we founded Scality. It is clear that we are crossing the chasm. Our strategic deployments, our mission critical customers, the nature of our prospect conversations and engagements, and the partner ecosystem that we’re developing all point to a simple fact: Software-Defined Storage is becoming the new norm. While this transformation will still take several years, it is unstoppable.”

    Jerome Lecat CEO of Scality
Director of Corporate Communications

Julie Greene