November 04, 2015

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Scality’s newest resellers

AXEZ to Resell the Scality RING; Company to Launch New Cloud Services for Customers in Need of Storage-as-a-Service Solutions with RING Infrastructure

4th November 2015Scality, the leader in software-defined storage for the information age, has partnered with Dutch data availability specialist and HP Platinum Converged Infrastructure partner, AXEZ. As one of Scality’s newest resellers, this agreement will allow AXEZ to sell the Scality RING through a pay-per-use model, a full on-premise deployment, or as a hybrid solution to organizations looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to meet their storage needs. Furthermore, the Scality RING is to become the core of AXEZ’s new automated storage-as-a-service (staas) offering.

AXEZ selected Scality because of its technical robustness and its ability to tackle a variety of storage-related challenges such as backup, archive, file sync and share, and high capacity. Additionally, AXEZ has a strong partnership with HP, one of Scality’s key oems; Scality was therefore an easy choice for the reseller. The RING also opens new revenue streams by enabling AXEZ to serve a wider variety of customers: those looking at data services like backup-as-a-service, or pure hosted storage services.

As organizations across every sector grapple with growing volumes of data, RTO/RPO timeframes have become shorter, backups are falling short of requirements, and the cost of deploying a new environment based on the traditional model to cope with growing business demands, is unviable. By migrating and archiving its customers’ least used data into the cloud, AXEZ can provide a more predictable total cost of ownership by changing the outlay approach from CAPEX to a hybrid CAPEX/OPEX one.

“Scality’s presence in the Netherlands combined with its technical capabilities and existing relationship with HP make it an ideal partner for us. We are excited to offer our customers Scality’s innovative technology and we are looking forward to the RING becoming an integral part of our cloud services offering,” said René van Dop, CEO at AXEZ.

“I am truly delighted with this partnership. AXEZ places great emphasis on data availability, like us, it is well established in the Netherlands and its customer profile spans a number of industries such as finance, healthcare and legal, that stand to benefit from Scality’s RING technology,” said Erwan Menard, President and COO of Scality.

As customer demand for flexible storage solutions that can be scaled up or down to meet requirements to temporarily store hot data before it is archived continues to grow, short-term software-based repositories have become business-critical to many organizations. Scality’s software-defined storage product is unique in the market and its core design principles allow AXEZ to scale-out fast and efficient solutions for its customers. AXEZ is able to monitor its activity at customer sites in real-time to oversee the fill-rate and actual usage of the Scality RING. It is then capable of scaling capacity up or down to meet its customers’ needs in near real-time.”

About AXEZ

AXEZ ( is a data availability specialist and HP Platinum Converged Infrastructure partner. The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. AXEZ, which has 37 staff, sells and installs HP datacenter and converged infrastructure solutions to its customer base.

About Scality

Scality® storage propels companies to unify data management no matter where data lives — from edge to core to cloud. Our market-leading file and object storage software protects data on-premises and in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With RING and ARTESCA, Scality’s approach to managing data across the enterprise accelerates business insight for sound decision-making and maximum return on investment. To compete in a data-driven economy, IT leaders and application developers trust Scality to build sustainable, adaptable solutions. Scality is recognized as a leader by Gartner and IDC. Follow us @scality and LinkedIn. Visit, or subscribe to our company blog.

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