Integrating Scality RING with OpenStack


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Scality believes in the same vision as OpenStack: that “Cloud is Software-Defined, operating on commodity hardware.”

We believe that OpenStack will be the main framework to enable Enterprises to build software-defined infrastructures, and we have made an increasing amount of investments to provide OpenStack-compatible storage services and more.

Scality has supported OpenStack Cinder with the Scality RING since the Grizzly release. At the end of 2014, we also announced GA support for OpenStack Swift. Storage is a critical service in any production deployment and we’ve been working hard to make the RING the most scalable, available, durable, cost-effective, and multi-workload storage platform for OpenStack customers – customers that are building web & cloud services, enterprise clouds, active archives, distributed computing, or content distribution environments. We’re proud to be a corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation.

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Integrating Scality RING into OpenStack