Unified Streaming


Scality Elite Partner - Object Based Storage SoftwareUnified Streaming is a leader in video streaming technologies across all platforms and devices. Our customers and partners span the globe, from international live news broadcasters and major TV networks to media service providers and technology partners.

Unified Streaming products are tried and tested using rich industry experience which offers our customers instant value.

Our customers value our products for their feature richness, stability and ease of implementation that results in a quick time-to-market.

History: Previous to Unified Streaming Platform we created a plugin for streaming and seeking in MP4 videos for Flash (2007). This server side module is supported by various players e.g. JW Player and Flowplayer and it is the most widely deployed pseudo-streaming plugin for any webserver (Lighttpd / Apache / Nginx / IIS). Other projects include work on plugins for Rhozet’s Carbon Coder (HLS, Smooth Streaming exporters), a RTSP / RTMP bridge, a white-label online video distribution system (2006/7) and a VOIP system combining voice over ip and Jabber messaging into a comprehensive SDK (2005).



Unified Streaming demonstration with Scality RING over HTTP REST at proper bitrate

Scality and Unified Streaming have many common customers. Unified Streaming is using Scality’s HTTP REST protocol. This demo shows some sample MP4 files streamed in the proper bitrate. Unified Streaming adapts the bitrate to the bandwidth available.

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