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October 24th – Gigaom recently published a new study (available here) about ExaScale data center storage and how object storage solutions, at least some of them, could address challenges introduced by that scale. 4 solutions were selected by Gigaom analyst to sustain and illustrate the study: 2 vendors with Cleversafe, the pioneer of Object Storage, and Scality, the alternative fast growth player with some similar characteristics and 2 open source solutions represented by Open Stack Swift and Inktank Ceph.

The ranking available at the end of the report shows Scality as a global winner with a score of 4.35 vs Cleversafe with a score of 3.76 but this table, category and weight of each category doesn’t cover specific need or priority across categories. So let try to articulate the table with:

  • Introduction of weight for some category: weight of 2 for Capacity, Data Durability and weight of 0.5 for Block and File Access, Block integration, and File integration. The result is the same in term of position, Scality is still the leader with a score of 4.32 vs Cleversafe with 4.03.
  • Remove all access methods based on block and file to consider pure object projets and keep original weight. Again in that scenario Scality is #1 with a score of 4.38 vs Cleversafe with 4.08, both improve their score but the “distance” is still in favor of Scality.
  • Last scenario is a mix of the 2 previous ones with a combination of weight and object. Scality is still the winner with a score of 5.00 when Cleversafe reduces the gap and receives 4.85.

Globally in all cases – both in the original report and the 3 above scenarios – with some  in favor of Cleversafe as pure object examples, Scality wins in the 4 configurations. The following image summarizes this analysis.

Gigaom Analysis

Philippe Nicolas, Product Strategy (pn@scality.com)

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