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No downtime. None. Ever. The dream of every storage manager, service provider, and, above all, of every single one of your customers. At Scality, we believe in making the world a better place. And we believe a lot of the world today is about data storage, and how smart that storage is.

A few weeks ago, with the new Scality Cloud Monitor offer, we’ve started guaranteeing 100% uptime of RING service for our dedicated care customers. A very rational next step was to guarantee 100% uptime of your Scality S3 Server. So we did it.

Today, we are proud to announce we have an architecture that will guarantee permanent availability of your S3 Server service.

The first one is for each and every one of us. As we’ve mentioned before, we’re committed to contributing our skill set to the open-source community. Hence, using solely open-source tools, we’re now offering a technical tutorial to small companies and businesses training them in deploying a private, high availability S3 Server service over docker volumes mounted via NFS. For free.

Scality believes in start ups, in great ideas, and in exceptional individuals. We also know from experience that, in the beginning, every dollar counts. This tutorial is part of our promise to facilitate innovation and make the storage and entrepreneurship worlds better.

We also have a commercial product, that supports Scality RING. This is for larger companies, since we know their needs are different. NFS is not enough as is, and this is where the RING and its connectors come to play.

Using containers to deploy S3 Server has granted us fast and easy deployment, great flexibility of usage, and sweet ease of maintenance. It has also made us step into the future of software engineering as, everyday, more tools are available to us to do more with our containers. The family of tools that solved the 99.99% uptime problem is called orchestrators. From Docker Swarm to Kubernetes to Mesosphere, the options were numerous. And all so flexible that you remain the only decisionary about your backend: HPE 3Par, Dell ScaleIO, Microsoft Azure… We will work marvels, whichever one you choose.

This is a revolution: in a world where not being able to access your data often means being unable to provide your service, S3 Server HA (High Availability) will make you a leader in your field, by making your technology the most resilient available on the market.

We look forward to partnering with you towards your success.

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