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Marc Villemade has a insatiable appetite for new experiences. He has travelled the world since he was young and he loves meeting people and exchanging stories with them. At Scality, where he has been since the beginning of the start-up, he enjoys this same passion for diversity, having had lots of different roles worldwide.

marc_villemade_photoAs an engineer he first started by installing Scality’s software at the clients. Thanks to his social skills, he became sales manager firstly in France, then in Japan where he launched the first sales for the country, and finally in the USA where he has lived and worked ever since. Loving his job, but not the business side of it, he decided to become a sales engineer. “I really like to talk to the customers, listen to their needs, and explain to them how our technology can help them,” he says.

The way Marc explains things to the clients is so convincing that he was offered the role of managing the sales engineer community, to teach others his savoir-faire, first a year and a half ago in the USA, and more recently for the whole worldwide company. This new role suits him to a tee. “Marc is someone who gets his energy from contact with others and who loves above all to be helpful,” confides one of his colleagues. He’s always there to answer any of his coworkers questions and to go with them if necessary to visit certain clients.

Today Marc finally seems settled. “I’m very happy where I am now. I really want to make my team successful, and I’m doing all I can to achieve this goal,” he says. Still, Marc hasn’t completely retired his adventurous spirit. If tomorrow a new job on the other side of the world presented itself, he wouldn’t hesitate to grab the opportunity to live and share new experiences.


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