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Marc Segura Devillechaise is a software engineer at Scality

Two years ago, having worked in customer service since the start of the company, Marc Ségura felt the urge to do something different and to learn new skills. So when the leadership invited him to join Iron Man, a team of developers who were working on a new product, and to leave Paris for San Francisco, he immediately accepted. He explains: “Even though I really liked helping the clients, I often felt that I was only trying to find a quick fix to solve a problem. Whereas today I can build something more durable, which I really enjoy.”

Marc Segura at ScalityIn his new role, Marc likes to share with his colleagues the experience that he had accumulated during all those years in contact with the clients. When they brainstorm, he never misses a chance to promote his ideas about making the installation and the use of the software easier for the customers. He also enjoys listening to his coworkers and learning from them.

“If you want a project to succeed, you have to be open to everybody’s opinion and you have to make concessions about your own ideas. Working in this team really made me more tolerant and more constructive,” he confides.

For Marc, it was a big change. In his previous role, he sometimes felt that he was on his own dealing with a client. Today, instead, he enjoys the strong team spirit that reigns in his group, in the office, as well as outside work. Marc notably remembers one birthday when his colleagues organised a party for him with a barbecue and a swimming pool. “It’s important that we both, know each other and get on well, so that we can create something together and think up new ideas,” he says.

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