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We have seen it before, and it is not getting any easier – exploding data growth that is up against IT budgets and resources that are flat.

Digital businesses want an efficient way to manage the growing data sprawl and cut costs without disrupting users and applications but they lack the visibility into why their data is growing or the ROI they can expect by moving it.

So, how do we address this formidable problem?

kompriseScality has partnered with Komprise to deliver an analytics and ROI-driven approach to identify how data is growing and being used across business storage environments, assess the ROI of moving relevant data to the Scality RING, and then move the data transparently without changing the file-based user and application access.

Komprise is analytics-driven data management software that is radically simple to deploy and scale.  In under 15 minutes, you can download the Komprise Observer virtual appliance, point it at the current storage and get analytics across all of your data.


Since over 50% of data in most environments is cold and not used within months of creation, this data is ideal for moving to a scale-out cost-efficient Scality RING – whether on-premises or in the cloud, the software-based object and cloud storage solution from Scality provides an ideal solution to store your data at limitless scale. Customers can set different objectives for when data should be moved, and instantly see the projected ROI and cost savings in their environment, with their costs.

When ready, simply activate the plan and Komprise then moves and replicates data based on the customer’s policies – and Komprise provides a transparent file-based access to all the data exactly as before even though they are now stored as objects on the Scality RING.

As a special offer, Komprise and Scality are offering a free 15 minute assessment so you can see the analytics and ROI on your data. To get started, click here.

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