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Louis Pery technical lead at Scality Paris career evolution story

Louis Pery is highly motivated by his desire to improve, therefore at Scality, he is in the perfect place. As technical leader of a team of five engineers, his role is to make improvements and add new features to an important component in Scality’s software called the supervisor which allows the clients to control the system.

Louis Pery technical lead at Scality

Louis Pery, Technical Lead

Louis threw himself into this task shortly after his arrival in the company, one and a half years ago. At this time, the supervisor was both lacking in quality and facility to evolve. Louis was determined to improve the product and his attitude soon earned him his promotion to team leader.  In his new role, he made it clear to his team that, in order to achieve their goal, they would have to totally rethink the component and even change the way they worked. So he proposed respecting a precise list of rules to have the best result possible, which everybody soon adopted.

Today, Louis’ success is clear. He has managed to build a better product and a really strong team. “We can’t win a race alone, we all need each other to get to the finish line. That’s why I always try to encourage people to exchange ideas, so we can all learn from each other and improve as a team,” he says.

Louis really enjoys making the customers happy both at Scality and outside of work where he occasionally serves in a wine bar. Louis particularly likes introducing new wines to his customers, to enhance their experience and broaden their tastes.

In the future, Louis is looking forward to enlarging his team in order to improve the component more than ever before. “The task of making things better is never ending. Perfection is still far in front of us,” he confides.

Photo credit: Frank Roesner


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