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Scality’s leaders have created Le Club in order to recognize and reward team members selected each year for their exceptional contribution to the company. 

Together with this acknowledgment, Le Club members are also offered the opportunity of taking a trip together, to rest and enjoy the Scality spirit outside the workplace.

For the year 2016, 16 employees have been chosen. Scality will publish a portrait of different team member once a week.


54 years old

Works at Scality Paris

“A Contagious Energy”

Black and White Photo of Scality Director of Sales Antoine Patte

Antoine Patte, Scality Sales Director

“Antoine has got huge amounts of energy, his calendar is incredible, he is rushing all the time from one meeting to the next, always making sure his projects are progressing and that he’s going to be successful.” All who cross Antoine Patte’s path will tell you that this 54 year old sales director never stops running after new deals, deploying considerable efforts to reach his goals. “Antoine is really passionate about his job, he is a go-getter, a hard worker and a great strategist, his energy is really contagious,” says another of his colleagues.

Antoine’s enthusiasm for his job and the energy he puts into it are not new. When he was only 20 years old and after having earned an engineering diploma and an MBA, he decided to leave France to work in remote Guatemala. For 2 years, whilst learning Spanish on the job, he traveled around South America selling chemical and pharmaceutical products for a large French company. This experience had a big impact on the rest of his career. “It was a very formative experience which made me more open-minded,” he confides.

Back in France, his entrepreneurial spirit awakes. So he created a start-up with two other people that developed hardware and software for making computer-generated imagery. The company was a success and was bought out 6 years later. “It didn’t interest me any more because what motivates me the most is building a project from the start,” he explains. Thirsty for travel and for new experiences, he went to work in Canada in a new start-up in the software industry, then 6 years later he left for another company – this time in California, before arriving at Scality 5 years ago.

Being the first person to start sales for Scality in France, Antoine’s extensive experience was very important for the success of the company. “Over time I learned to keep in constant contact with my clients, to have a listening ear all the time and to help them understand that I’m always here to help them,” he reveals. “Thanks to my love of the technical side of things, I know how to explain how our product is more advantageous than those of our competitors.”

Behind this precious savoir-faire is hidden a strict attention to detail. “I prepare my slides for the clients until they are perfect. I hate spelling mistakes and I hate being late,” he says. “When a client asks me a question, I answer him immediately.” One of his colleagues adds, “Antoine is very demanding of himself and others, resulting in a lot of success for sales.”

Outside work, Antoine has the same energy. He really likes art and has a great collection of contemporary paintings. He loves sports, from tennis to sailing, skiing to windsurfing. He especially enjoys running and has taken part in two marathons, in Nice and La Rochelle. Antoine has passed on this enthusiasm to his two sons. Both are really into sports, and at only 25 years old, his oldest son has already created his own start-up and has traveled around the world.

After all these years and all the sales he has generated for Scality, Antoine no longer needs to prove himself. Nevertheless he doesn’t plan to sit back on his laurels. “I want to stay with Scality as long as possible and to help it grow even bigger,” he says. “I still have a lot to give to the company.”

Story by Julien Bourdet
Photo credit: Frank Roesner

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