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A large car manufacturer has licensed 5PB of Scality software of which they have installed 2PB. The granular and gradual scalability were perceived as a key feature as this enables the business unit to add capacity as needed, as opposed to installing a massive-scale infrastructure upfront. The growth rate is steady at about 1PB per six months.

This customer chose Scality on HP servers over GPFS or Netapp. While the project is running on standard SL4540 HP Proliant servers, the hardware-agnostic nature of the Scality technology was very important as they wanted the flexibility to upgrade hardware in the future without impact on the business (e.g. they are looking into upgrading to larger hard disks).

The project is mostly confidential, but it’s related to improving car safety through video data analysis. Scality’s support for distributed & parallel computing is a key element of the infrastructure as well as the scalability & performance: the more data can be processed, the more safety improvements can be achieved.

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