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Two years ago, when Jonathan Gramain was asked if he wanted to leave Paris for Boston to share his knowledge of the Scality software, as technical referent, for a new team of freshly recruited engineers, he didn’t hesitate to say yes. A year and a half later, and only a few months after having returned to France, Jonathan once again grabbed the opportunity to leave Paris, this time for San Francisco. “The Boston experience went by too quickly for me. I wanted to have a new adventure, discover a new place and learn new things,” he explains.

Jonathan, who has been at Scality since the beginning of the start-up and who contributed to the development of the first version of the company software, has always shown a passion for what’s new. “I like learning about new technology and figuring out original ways to improve the software solutions,” he confides.

Boston San Francisco ParisNow in San Francisco and part of Iron Man, a team of engineers who are developing innovative products, Jonathan can express this passion more than ever. In his new role, Jonathan enjoys exchanging ideas with his colleagues and learning from them. He also loves helping his co-workers on certain subjects he knows very well due to his long experience in the company.

Outside the office too, Jonathan enjoys exploring. He has fallen in love with his new home town. In the cafes, he likes chatting to people and exchanging technical know-how with others who also work in IT. He also enjoys walking in the forest or in the mountains not far from the city.

Jonathan is enriched by every aspect of his new adventure and doesn’t think about the future. “I’m not someone who has a career plan. Everything I do is because I enjoy doing it and therefore today I feel truly happy,” he concludes.


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