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Jérome Brusq: Amazing Customers on the Road

Jérome Brusq

Jérome Brusq

Customer Solutions Engineer at Scality

Jerome Brusq is no stranger to crazy travel schedules. As Customer Solutions Engineer, he takes on the full gamut of on-site issues for customers in Spain, Israel, Toulouse, Paris and wherever else he is needed. In fact, it was the tempting prospect of international travel that lured Jerome away from his childhood home in Brittany to his dream job in Paris, and later to a position with Airbus. “In my past experience, I’ve traveled to China, Australia, the Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Mexico… so I’ve worked on a lot of international projects within many different cultures,” he recalls. “Even though they were business trips, I was also meeting new people and discovering new ways of life, so it was like being on holiday.”

Due to the diverse nature of Jerome’s customers, he has to constantly adapt himself to the vastly different requirements of his projects. “I’m currently running several projects in parallel. What’s quite challenging is we have to understand each customer’s needs to deliver the best architecture or product,” he explains. As complex as this may be, Jerome revels in the constant changes and movement that his job requires. “I enjoy that fact that we’re busy all the time. One day is not the same as the next, so there’s no routine. Different projects, different customers, different issues, different countries. And the products themselves evolve quickly with new technologies, so there are always new things to learn. I’m always busy,” he laughs.

Jerome makes it his aim to live up to Scality’s motto, ‘Amaze the customer,’ whether it means delivering the best possible architecture, working late to respond to an issue promptly, traveling to a customer site on last-minute notice, or advocating for customers’ needs internally. In addition to applying his creativity and technical expertise to his problem-solving, he is always sure to stay honest with customers. “I prefer being honest at the beginning of a project and sometimes saying, ‘No,’ than running into a wall later,” he asserts. “So whether I say, ‘No, we have to do that and not that,’ or ‘Yes, let’s move forward with this,’ they usually trust me.” When it comes to resolving issues, he rises to the occasion with energy and creative flair. “While it’s true that having a problem is bad, it’s also interesting because you have to think and find a solution,” he says. “As soon as an issue comes up, I put the customer’s needs at the top of my list, and I try to move forward right away to resolve it.”

Unafraid to take initiative, Jerome is known for being a driving force behind product improvement and the development of internal tools. Moreover, before relegating problems to engineering, he does his research. “If you interviewed various people in engineering about their impressions of Jerome, I think you would get tremendously positive feedback. He doesn’t just bring back issues; he does so having done his homework. He identifies what is broken, where it’s broken, and sometimes potential approaches to fix it,” enthuses Nicolas Sayer, Director of Technical Services, EMEA. “He goes the extra mile to simplify the work for the people in engineering.” In any situation, Jerome maintains a positive attitude and a deep respect for his colleagues. “We have a great team,” he says of Technical Services in Paris. “They’re all working a lot and they also deserve to be in Le Club.”

It goes without saying that even in his time off, Jerome can be found discovering new terrains with his equally adventurous wife. “When I travel, the thing I like most is to not see any tourists! I prefer to live like a local—eat local, drink local…I definitely won’t go to McDonald’s!” he jokes. And it’s not just terrain that Jerome enjoys exploring. “When I go on holidays, I try to find good spots for diving,” he reveals. Having grown up close to the sea, scuba diving became a natural passion for Jerome, whose favorite diving experiences so far are near Bali, where he and his wife saw around 50 sea turtles in one dive, and in the Red Sea.

The future seems to hold its share of unknown territory. Jerome and his wife are set to embark on a new journey soon—parenthood. “I feel excited for sure, and a little stressed. Everybody’s told us, ‘Your life’s going to change.’ I think it’s a new adventure, so let’s see how it goes.

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