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Jenny Belak chief of staff of sales at ScalityJenny Belak (see her portrait published in 2016) has changed roles since last October. She tells us about her new job and what it brings her.

Tell us about your new role…
When I was hired at Scality three years ago, I started as a sales operations manager, a ”behind the scenes” role in which I support the sales team in a lot of different aspects, always making sure they have everything they need to succeed. While I really enjoyed doing this job on my own, I was aware that it could be done even better by hiring someone to work by my side. That’s what we did last October. Since then, as Sales Chief of Staff, I have been able to focus more on certain aspects of my previous job, such as helping the sales reps with pricing and quoting, or putting together reports about our business results. In addition, my new colleague can focus on the other aspects, such as onboarding new sales reps, training them, and providing them with all the tools and documents they need.
Jenny Belak has had a career evolution at Scality where she has worked for more than three years
What do you like best about your new job?
Definitely the interaction and idea exchange that I can have with my colleague. As her manager, I enjoy passing my experience onto her and helping her to understand how things work and which people to work with. I always make sure she knows that I’m there in case she has any questions or to help in any way. At the same time, I give her enough freedom so that she can learn on her own and develop new skills.

What are your plans for the future?
I think the two of us are doing a great job for the sales reps. In just a few months, we have already managed to make their life a lot easier. But I don’t want to stop at that; I still want to improve. And by doing so, I can contribute to putting the company in a position where it can reach even bigger goals than it does today.

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