Introducing the Zenko Multi-Cloud Data Controller

Today we announced Scality Zenko under the headline “Scality Launches Zenko Open Source Software to Assure Data Control in a Multi-Cloud World.”

Zenko will enable developers an application users to better control their unstructured data, while leveraging the efficiency and scale of both private and public cloud storage. Zenko is free to download, use, extend, embed and distribute into applications, opening a new world of multi-cloud storage for all. A key part of Zenko is that it provides a unified interface based on a proven implementation of the Amazon S3 API across multiple cloud storage services. This allows any cloud storage to be accessed with the same uniform API, while retaining information in the respective cloud native format. For example, any Amazon S3-compliant application can now use Microsoft Azure Blob Storage without any application modification.

Zenko builds on the success of Scality S3 Server, the open-source implementation of the Amazon S3 API, which has enjoyed nearly 600,000 DockerHub pulls since it was introduced in June 2016. Scality is releasing this new code to the open source community, under an Apache 2.0 license, so that any developer can use and extend Zenko in their development.

What do we mean by Multi-Cloud capabilities in Zenko?

Multi-cloud for the enterprise means that users can leverage the relative strengths of different cloud vendors, or types of clouds, both private and public. The days of being locked into a single cloud service are over. To be clear, multi-cloud is not synonymous with the concept of hybrid-cloud, which is a concept associated with single applications and tiering. With multi-cloud, you can have many applications, some in the cloud, some local, but all managed in the same way.

Applications can use the S3 API to create Buckets through Zenko and use location control to associate them with a particular cloud or local storage on-premises. Zenko supports AWS style v4 authentication using access keys, as with native S3 applications. Making multi-cloud capabilities useful means that data needs to be fully accessible from each public cloud, in its native and open format, without requiring applications or cloud services to access the data through Zenko. Zenko uses the native APIs for each cloud when storing objects into that cloud, and even preserves the object’s key format. This makes it transparent and easy for accessing the data for cloud compute bursting, content delivery, analytics services or future cloud services offered by any of the vendors.

Multi-cloud gives users a single interface to span private and public clouds for any of their applications: one API, one global namespace, a single metadata system for easy search across

Geographies. In addition, Zenko provides a secure, unified authentication capability using the advanced AWS v4 and v2 signature mechanism across all clouds. While Zenko is based on the widely used open source Scality S3 Server, it also introduces some new open source projects around data management:

Project Backbeat – an engine that enables data management and mobility to the cloud, for example for replicating and lifecycle management between on-premises and cloud storage.

Project Clueso – a powerful metadata search engine that enables federated search across clouds, using extended object metadata attributes. This makes it possible to find objects anywhere they are stored using intelligent queries on one or more attribute values.Zenko is easy to deploy as a set of container based services, leveraging the power of Docker Swarm to automate deployment and orchestrate functionality including high-availability (HA) failover.

We welcome anyone who wants to contribute to Zenko and our vision to make data control and freedom possible, and we’re making it easy for developers to get involved. Simply go to Zenko.io where there are Zenko download links, hosted on DockerHub. There are links there to download it on our GitHub page as well. Our developers are online if you have questions, ready to help.

Zenko is a project that is bigger than Scality. We are trying to answer a fundamental question: “How do I manage petabytes of data at scale in the most efficient manner?”

Visit Zenko.io to help build the next generation of multi-cloud computing.

Zenko Data Sheet Zenko on GitHub


Photo by Jeremy Vessey on Unsplash

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