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The Scality RING Trial is meant to show you how the RING performs in real-world storage use cases so that you can get a better understanding of what the RING is, how it operates, as well as the benefits it can provide – and you can do all of this instantly. Need more information? Check out our Trial Guide and sign up here.

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“It’s absolutely amazing for anyone on the IT side of things to demo. It was very useful to demonstrate the ease of management!”
– Data Storage

“…Scality RING is the only software that fully supports the enterprise and their need for complete freedom in hardware choice, higher performance, and 100% reliability at very large scale. Our new self-service RING trial is a unique way to see for yourself what more than 100 cloud-scale customers are running in production,”
– Erwan Menard, Scality President and COO.


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(c) that the interface and functionality of the software in the demo and the Feedback is proprietary to Scality, Inc. and you agree to keep confidential and not disclose such interface, functionality and Feedback, or your results of use of the software, any tests you perform or any other information you derive from the demo, to any other person other than Scality, Inc.;
(d) you will use the demo solely for a legitimate evaluation of the software and not for any improper purpose, such as to decompile, reverse engineer, hack into the code, or use the software to cause injury to Scality, Inc. or any third party; and
(e) Scality is entitled to incorporate, develop and otherwise use the Feedback in any manner without remuneration or other compensation to you.DO NOT USE LIVE/PRODUCTION, SENSITIVE OR PROPRIETARY DATA IN YOUR EVALUATION – SCALITY, INC. IS NOT RESPONSIBLE TO ENSURE, AND IS NOT LIABLE FOR, THE PRIVACY OR CONFIDENTIALITY OF ANY DATA YOU USE IN YOUR EVALUATION.