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Global Enterprise Cloud fully leverages the flexibility of Software-defined Storage and enables companies to replace storage silos with a single, scalable storage system that supports mixed workloads for multiple applications.

Over the past decade, enterprise data centers have evolved into complex environments, designed to serve multiple workloads that include shared file storage, backup & archiving, compute virtualization, B2C cloud offerings and many legacy applications. Running such heterogeneous storage environments is inefficient and puts a heavy burden on the storage TCO.

Innovative enterprises are now looking to replace storage silos with unified data storage systems that can fundamentally match both the data “types” and the access patterns presented by their applications: software-defined storage with multi-protocol support (for file, object, and VM access), efficient and persistent storage for mixed data types (very large files to billions of small records) and support for very large data capacities (grow organically and scale forever).

Scality RING for Global Enterprise Cloud

Scality RING is petabyte-scale, software-defined storage; leveraging a high-performance, object storage architecture. The RING runs on standard servers, providing deployment flexibility, simpler support, many hardware options, rapid adoption of hardware innovation, and multi-generation hardware support. The RING has native interfaces for file, object, and VM applications, and the performance to serve 80% of storage workloads, eliminating silos and overhead, and enabling new applications. The RING can consolidate and protect data in a single, petabyte-scale, 100% uptime environment without adding administrators. The combination of software flexibility, multi-workload and application consolidation, and high scale and availability reduces total costs by 50-70%.


Key RING Benefits

  • Ubiquitous storage platform: File, object, & VM storage capabilities
  • Enables one storage “platform” within organizations, centralizing strategy, budget and resources
  • Technology alignment to enterprise infrastructure: VM, objects and file is a must (not featured in other object storage solutions)
  • Lower TCO
    • Unbundles hardware cost from software (Provides stronger purchasing power)
    • Hardware can mixed and matched to dial economic position based on criticality of data
    • Administration
    • Storage Efficiency: EC, spare capacity for one platform only

Why choose Scality RING for Global enterprise Cloud?

Accessibility: Scality RING supports multiple protocols (file, object, VM)

Performance: Scality RING enables mixed workloads

OpenStack: Scality RING provides extensive capabilities for the OpenStack computing platform

Road to market: Scality RING is a proven solution that can be instantly deployed with existing applications

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