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Big Data is where the world is heading, and that means “Big Backup” too. With incoming data volumes expanding daily, large enterprise backups are starting to push a petabyte or more.

This creates new problems, or rather, exacerbates old familiar ones. Conventional backup platforms are hardware-centric, which makes them vulnerable to the unavoidable failure of a small fraction of disk drives. At modest backup volumes, the resulting downtime, delay, and rebuilds are irritating and inconvenient. At large scale, they become untenable. And this is goading IT to action.

Fortunately, an ideal solution is at hand, and it’s not a matter of rocket science. It just takes implementation. That may not happen overnight, but it needs to get done as soon as possible.

To help clarify the storage backup picture, we’ve put together a nifty at-a-glance Backup Infographic based on the latest research and surveys of IT professionals. In no more than the time it takes to read this brief introduction, it will give you a solid grasp of backup storage challenges, the ideal way to meet them, and how companies will respond over the next few years.


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