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Gaelle Seide Career Evolution at Scality

“My husband usually describes me as intense. I can work for hours on end and I can take a lot, often being the first person to volunteer.” Everyone who knows Gaelle Seide would tell you that she is a hard worker who is very motivated by her job. As a finance manager Gaelle never counts her hours, always providing answers to everybody as soon as they ask her questions. Working from home in Washington, DC, she wakes up extra early in the morning so that she can get in touch with her colleagues in Paris, and finishes work late to be able to talk with those in San Francisco.

Gaelle Seide career evolution ScalityThroughout her career, Gaelle has always shown consistent dedication to her work. Five years ago, when she had to move with her husband and their two little girls to Paris, Gaelle was determined to find a job. She was soon hired at Scality as a financial analyst, where her dedication was rewarded with the promotion to manager one year ago. “Gaelle is an extremely dedicated and loyal Scality employee, always looking for excellence. In addition to her job, she is currently taking some personal time to study for an accounting certificate in the US,” says her manager.

Last August, the winds of change blew once again in Gaelle’s direction, meaning that she had to move back home. Gaelle, who really likes other cultures and is a big traveller, found it very hard to leave Paris, a city which she had fallen in love with. Therefore, she decided to continue to work for Scality remotely, going to Paris for one week every month.

Today, working from home really suits Gaelle’s lifestyle. She can be dedicated to her job as well as spend time with her children. More than ever, Gaelle continues to work hard. “I always want to learn and to improve. In the near future, I want to be able to be even more reactive, so that the leadership can make decisions faster. I’ve already got a lot of ideas that I’m excited about.”

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