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Frédéric Ferrandis is a boxing enthusiast. He both teaches and plays this sport for several hours each week. At work too, Frédéric, the technical leader of a team of six engineers, is someone who likes to get straight to the point. “I never hesitate to say something that needs to be said. If there is a problem with one of the projects I always say, so we can find a solution together, or if I feel that there is any tension within the team, I talk to them straight away,” he confides.

In everything that he does, Frédéric shows the same determination. When he had only just arrived at Scality a year ago, he suggested starting up two large projects. They were concerning complicated matters in order to improve the function of the company software, that very few people before him had wanted to tackle. Six months later, he became technical leader to accomplish these projects. “I love new challenges, exploring new ways to solve problems instead of getting stuck on old solutions,” he says. This strategy has paid off as it’s allowed him and his team to make one of Scality’s software components work twice as fast.

Frédéric stays modest in all circumstances, explaining that his success is mainly thanks to the hard work of his team. “I’m very lucky to work with exceptional people who give off an amazing energy. There are those in my team who deserve, just as much as I do, to have the position that I hold today,” he reveals.

Above all, Frédéric never takes himself too seriously and is the first to have a laugh. When he has to share some bad news with his team, to try to soften the blow, he likes to remind them that they are not on a mission to Mars! And it works. With Frédéric’s team, a good atmosphere and the spirit of camaraderie always reign.

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