Media & Entertainment Content Management

Content distribution, post-production, media asset management

Media and entertainment data storage

Scality RING is a great fit throughout the Media & Entertainment supply chain: from Post- Production, to Content Distribution, to Media Asset Management and Archiving. The Media & Entertainment storage need is huge, and continues to grow. SD is still in use in a few variations, and Ultra HD is moving from 4K to 8K and 3D is still out there, while VR is growing.

  • "Scality enabled us to stretch across our own data centers and two co-locations. This, plus the density of HPE Apollo, allowed us to address fourteen-nines durability and data retrieval times, offering one hundred percent availability."

    Scott Jolly, head of operations, Mediahub Australia

Did you know?

  • 60%

    of downstream traffic on the internet comes from video accounts*

  • $17.87 million

    Estimated global value of the media and entertainment storage market by 2027*

  • $717 billion

    Estimated annual value of the media and entertainment industry in the U.S.*


    An efficient workflow for media post- production must keep assets “active” and constantly available. Scality RING software-defined object storage accomplishes that.

    Workflow in media post-production, visual effects (VFX) or gaming can be interrupted by waiting for restoration from tape archives, productivity takes a big hit causing congestion on distribution stall time.

    Managing digital media assets, whether during the production process or afterwards, is critical to smooth workflow and maximising asset revenue. Data must be always accessible, always available.

With Scality your business gains

  • Proven technology

    Used by global media studios, broadcasters, post-production and telco streaming providers
  • Extensive ecosystem

    Tight partnerships with leading media and entertainment applications vendors to ensure interoperability
  • Low TCO

    Hosted on commodity x64 servers, software-only model enables the consolidation of multiple media storage silos (silo elimination)

Deliver content with world-class media and entertainment application partners

Scality integrates with the most respected media and entertainment providers and solutions. Explore our partner ecosystem.

  • broadpeak logo


    Broadpeak and Scality: Powering Cloud DVR

    Together, Broadpeak and Scality offer an integrated solution that enables TV service providers to deliver a feature-rich, always-on cloud DVR service at the low cost with the scalability and resiliency required to maintain 24x7 service.


    Flexible and modular, the Broadpeak solution is built around a high performance recorder (with built-in caching) managed by a recording manager for overseeing the copy policy and the scheduling of the recordings. Storage costs are optimized by using on-the-fly packaging and by leveraging Scality’s RING storage.

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