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Flavien Lebarbe of Scality is an example of the career evolution the company supports

Last August, Flavien Lebarbé made the decision to change his job. After having spent one year in customer support, he moved to the research and development team. As an inquisitive engineer, he was motivated by his desire to learn new things and to immerse himself in Scality’s software. But above all, in his new position, he wanted to continue to do what he has always considered to be his most important mission : making the clients happy. “I was no longer content finding last minute solutions for our customers. I wanted to be able to think more about how to avoid problems in the first place,” he explains.

Today, Flavien wants to share not only this way of thinking with his colleagues, but also his ability to always put himself in his client’s place. He knows by experience that there’s no point in making software with so many features that it is too complicated to use and he never misses an opportunity to make this clear to others.

Flavien Lebarbe of Scality headshot “Even small things can be very important for the client, such as clicking only once instead of several times to select the correct function. I’m always thinking about these details,” he confides.

Extremely sociable and always ready to help, Flavien is very comfortable in his new role. Outside work he is the volunteer head of his old engineer school’s post graduate student club so he never misses a chance to get people together, exchanging ideas. “If we want a project to succeed, we mustn’t work alone in our corner, he says. We have to talk to each other in order to advance together, so that our clients are completely satisfied.”



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