13th – 14th December 2023

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Become a Scality solution expert!

Scality University Live is a free 2-day event composed of classes offered exclusively to our customers and partners.

This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from key members of our product management, technical services and engineering teams.

This event targets primarily customer operation teams and our partners that are involved in post-sales activities. As such, it assumes the attendees have a basic understanding of the Scality technologies and products.

Day 1
Paris 10:00 AM CET I London 9:00 AM GMT I Japan 5:00 PM JST

What’s New – ARTESCA 2.1.0 (60 min)

In this session we will describe all the great new features introduced in ARTESCA 2.1.0.
Thomas Danan

Paris 11:30 AM CET I London 10:30 AM GMT I Japan 6:30 PM JST

ARTESCA Security & Operations (30 min)

ARTESCA 2.1.0 offers a new paradigm in terms of Security. We will deep dive in each security feature and also expose the related key changes in terms of ARTESCA Operations.
Thomas Danan & Jean-Brice Combebias

Paris 2:00 PM CET I London 1:00 PM GMT I Japan 9:00 PM JST

ARTESCA Network Architectures

This session will explain, in details, the various configuration options when it comes to integrate ARTESCA with your Network Environments
Thomas Danan & Jean-Brice Combebias

Paris 3:00 PM CET I London 2:00 PM GMT I Japan 10:00 PM JST

ARTESCA Roadmap (45 min)

We’ll end up this Scality University day with the usual Roadmap Session and Q&A
Thomas Danan

Day 2
Paris 9:00 AM CET I London 8:00 AM GMT I Japan 4:00 PM JST

RING 9 Roadmap (45 min)

Our RING Roadmap session will provide an update on the latest, exciting features to be delivered in 2024 on RING9
Nick Sayer

Paris 11:00 AM CET I London 10:00 AM GMT I Japan 6:00 PM JST

Security in RING (45 min)

RING can contribute to your data and infrastructure robustness and security! This session will cover existing features on RING, object and file storage as well as giving you a glimpse of what’s about to come in the future.
Nick Sayer

Paris 2:00 PM CET I London 1:00 PM GMT I Japan 10:00 PM JST

RING in Action – Ctera and Veeam Demo (30 min)

Come and see how you can leverage RING & ARTESCA for your highly available and secure backup through Veeam® 12 and file service with CTERA.
Samuel Lugassy

Paris 4:00 PM CET I London 3:00 PM GMT I Japan 11:00 PM JST

S3 Metadata (30 min)

A technical deep dive on the multiple under the hood improvements of S3 metadata management, providing improved performance and robustness. Looking at building your own corporate object storage cloud? Definitely a session you will want to attend.
Rahul Reddy Padigela & Nick Sayer

A global leader in petabyte-scale, hybrid-cloud data storage, Scality makes storage infrastructures infinitely scalable in all critical dimensions: capacity, performance, applications and data location — from core to cloud to edge. Scale them all infinitely and with ease. And get 100% uptime, enterprise-grade security, bulletproof ransomware protection and utmost resilience.

Scality provides solutions for petabyte-scale data arising from “application-centric” use cases — backup, archiving and analytics — as well as “infrastructure-centric” use cases — private/hybrid cloud, public cloud and edge.

Our sustainable, software-defined approach enables storage architectures that stand the test of time and deliver unbreakable data protection. Best-in-class savings, both in terms of lower cost and higher efficiency, make our solutions a no-brainer for forward-thinking organizations.

Speakers include

Thomas Danan

Thomas Danan

ARTESCA Product Director

Nick Sayer

Nick Sayer

RING Product Director

Rahul Padigela

Rahul Padigela

Director of Product and Integrations for Object

Samuel Lugassy

Samuel Lugassy

Sales Engineer

Jean-Brice Combebias

Jean-Brice Combebias

Product owner in R&D - Engineering

Open to Scality customers and partners

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